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head sculpts from Dive? Do any have them?

Mar 15, 2007

    1. i found this site http://www.dive.er.ro :)

      And i just love his heads - But, are they for sale or?? Do any know???
    2. Is it not just a customiser's page...? For faceups, etc?
    3. i dont know? the english is very bad - but love the heads :O
    4. I believe that most of the Dive heads were limited and has been sold out long time ago. They sometimes pop up on Y!J though ~~
    5. Some of the prettiest things are rare to find... Aren`t Dive heads very popular ?
    6. I don't think Dive are that popular since their heads were limited/sold out quite a while ago and not many people are familiar with the company. When the heads do pop up for sale online the prices are always high - (think $400-$500+ for a head) ~~ i love Dive though ^___^
    7. The only Dive heads I know of are Seimei and Sleeping Seimei. Both of them were out of production before I joined DoA, so more than two years ago.

      The last Seimei head that sold on DoA went for around $600, that was in January of this year. I've seen them go for both more and less depending on how many people were after him at the time. I've never seen a second hand Sleeping Seimei.

      I love that head.:aheartbea
    8. Anyone have a dive Doll?
      These are beautiful boys...
      the music is annoying though after about three times...*_*


      If anyone has one, I'd like to know how.
    9. o ~~ very cute boys~ pretty looks like volks doll~
      they have the hyde doll????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i wannnntt oneeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scream~~~~~~~~~

      but is that the official website? then how to order?
    10. This is the link for international orders on the page,


      but it's bit confusing. I guess you fill out the form and email it back. I think you have to copy and paste.
      Anyone else know about these?
    11. Um . . . if you look around the site a little more, I think you'll see that Dive is a faceup artist, not a dollmaker. That would explain why the dolls look like Volks--they are. ;)

      Here's her information about commissioning faceup orders for international customers; you can see it in the "International Order" section of the site: http://xyyxyz.cafe24.com/dive/international_order.htm.
    12. Oh thanks. i couldn't make heads nor tails of this..
    13. i look up the website again, they are not selling dolls, they only do the make up for the dolls.
      the auction section= they buy dolls w/out make up from dod or luts(doll company such as volks ect) and do the special make up for them and sale like retail.
      so, if you like to order the make up, they have the international service form~
      like like their make up!~~~ love~
    14. Yes; that's what faceup artists do.
    15. Yes, they do make dolls. The Seimei head. You can see it if you check out the first four on the auctions page. I believe someone was selling a bw seimei just a few months ago. The most known one on the board is probably Valentine's Jocelyn.
    16. It's really more like, Dive made a head once.

      The Seimei head was out of production before 2005, when I started buying dolls. They were sold in normal and white skin in a limited edition, I don't think there were more than 25 total. Gigglegeek has a listing for Dive with pictures of both the Seimei and Sleeping Seimei heads. I've seen at least 6 Seimei heads change hands in the last couple of years, but I've never seen anyone selling a Sleeping Seimei. I haven't seen any evidence that anyone on DoA even owns a Sleeping Seimei.

      If you're looking at the Doll Photo section, those are the artists dolls. They appear to be two Volks SD13 F-16 types and an SD13 School A.