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head sizes of Volks SD Luna and SWD Nana

Mar 20, 2011

    1. Hi, I wanted to know the head sizes of Volks Luna and SWD Nana to buy their wigs in advance.

      I wasnt sure whether I should get 8~9 inches or 9~10 inches wigs for them.

      Please let me know if you have an answer, thank you in advance ^_^
    2. 9-10 for SWD Nana and luna.
    3. thanks for letting me know :)
    4. http://www.volksusa.com/osaka3luna.html

      Actually Luna might be different after all - it says here she takes a DD size that would be the 8-9 size. I noticed that Lieselotte also to a smaller size in person it was a 8-9 (really a 8.5-9), I found her wig did not fit my Bianka volks it was much too small. So you might want to go for the 8-9 for Luna ;) Maybe someone that has Luna can confirm.
    5. thanks for the info ! I wish I know which size is Luna for sure, too.

    6. The best thing to do is find someone in the gallery who has her search for luna and then pm them :)
    7. thanks for the advice ! I just pmed Luna owner, hope she replies soon :)