Headcap Opinions?

Aug 8, 2020

    1. It's not really like a dealbreaker if a doll doesn't have it, but I love it when doll head caps fit super snug and flush.

      I don't know why I like this so much when I only have one doll who shows off a lot of headcap due to a shaved hairstyle (though unfortunately he is not one of the super snug head cap molds, maybe I will pad in the gap at some point) and don't take my dolls places that often so it's not like they are gonna risk losing a head cap out in the wild.

      Tight fitting headcaps does help a little with making hard wig caps for me.

      Like my LLT Neil headcap fits so perfectly that like the line nearly disappears. If it fit any closer it might be impossible to take his headcap off!

      Simply Divine Thomas had a super snug headcap, like I don't think I even needed to install magnets. Akagidoll Ban and SIO2 Cold Dew also have very close fitting head caps.

      Dollshe David's head cap fits fine but has visible gaps. Pygmalion Robin probably has one of the weakest head cap magnets of the dolls I have owned and the headcap doesn't fit in a super exacting way.

      I'm also super glad that doll companies have long since moved away from using the s-hook to keep the head-cap on. My first doll Dollzone Megi caused me to hurt myself many times fumbling the s-hook around the headcap and the resin loop to hook s-hook on is covered in scratches at this point. I ended up supergluing magnets on my Ninodoll Bada because I am not gonna deal with that...

      How do you all feel about headcaps? Like having a gap so it's easier to flip off the head cap? Like them snug as a bug in a rug?
    2. Headcaps...hmmm. With the elastic system holding your doll together, it is neccessary being able to open the doll head in some way. Of course, at least to me, it is always preferrable if this spot is functioning without a risk that the headcap falls down or wobbles.

      But to be honest, I think the next update in BJDs may be exactly at this spot. For this, we should stray away from headcaps and turn to faceplates. That way, we could get several facial expressions (similar to some action figures). Of course given that the faceplate system works perfectly, with sufficiently dimensioned magnets and hooks in the right places.

      So I live with faceplates, but I do not love them.
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    3. I couldn't care les as long as it stays on. It's covered by a silivcone cap and the wig, so if it gaps it doesn't show.

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    4. I don't mind head caps not fitting snugly as long as it is not a pain in the gut to fit wigs on them, or they are so tall (and pointy) they give the doll a "cone" looking head (DIM MNM). I prefer the face plate systems, because they are easier to switch between dolls that have multiple facial parts, and also easier to repaint or clean. I only own two BJD with face plates, and one of them the face plate doesn't even seem like it was sculpted for the doll (FL CL Rou). There's this weird lip between the two, it bugged me when I made a few wigs for him in the past, and whenever I place any wigs on him, because it is a pain in the gut and gets in the way of the wig looking the way I want. I don't mind not having a tight/snug/smooth fit, of either a head cap or face plate, as long as it doesn't interfere with the way the wig sits on the head -- which is probably why I should mind but it's not always an issue with the exception of the ones I mentioned. DX
    5. I'm just happy when a head cap simply fits and doesn't come off. Wigs cover everything else for me.
      And thank god for the magnets! My first doll's head cap hooked onto the elastic and that was a major pain.
    6. I don’t mind, as long as they don’t gave those industrial strength magnets that hurt when you try to pry the headcap off. A lot of my dolls have faceplates. They’re easier to get the eyes in properly, but can be prone to popping loose. I use hardcap wigs though, and that usually doubles to help hold the faceplate in.
    7. I have two mnfs that are exact opposites with their headcaps. One is so snug to the point I'm afraid of breaking it every time I do maintenance or eye changes and the other is so loose I have to use eye putty AND a wig to keep it in place. Personally, I think I'd rather have faceplates. It makes things easier and you're not messing with the elastic every time you want to reposition the eyes. Or have the issue of not fitting fingers in a tiny head space. As far as aesthetics go, I think it would only bother me if I had a shaved head character that I wasn't using a wig for. So a bare headed doll. But that's not really my thing.
    8. I guess I'm fortunate that none of the bjds I've had or encountered dealt with that S-hook attachment issue. It sounds torturous *_*

      As for my opinion of headcaps—it really depends. In general, I prefer that they stay on and remain securely in place (headaches can be induced by loose, ill-fitting caps). For an OC where the cap is showing, of course a tight fit with little to no line is a big yes. If it's going to be covered by a wig—I tend to be more lenient. It bothers me more if the actual proportions don't match up, like if there's an overlap at the edges with either the cap or the head.

      On the subject of faceplates—I refuse to own any. Yes, it would make changing out the eyes easier and allow for more facial options for different expressions, but I despise the lack of security that I get with a headcapped head. Even with the strongest magnets, all it takes is just the right enough amount of force to send that faceplate flying off. Big nope from me :horror::shudder
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    9. I don't really mind. Love when everything fits and stays where it should, but wigs cover most things :)
    10. Headcaps are actually a big thing for me! I LOVE when a headcaps fits perfectly and clicks into place securely. Love it. Conversely, it irritates me to no end when a headcap is really loose/doesn't stay on well. I love my two Iplehouse heads for their beautiful faces, but they have probably the worst fitting headcaps in my collection. It actually makes it somewhat difficult to situate their wigs! It also makes it harder to make custom wig caps and wigs. Souldoll, Dikadoll, Islanddoll, and Angelsdoll have some of the best fitting headcaps in my collection.
    11. They don't have to be really tight, but I definitely prefer it when they don't get knocked off if the doll falls back against something. Still, I'd rather put up with that than with faceplates that pop off whenever I try to adjust the head! :horror:
    12. I like it when the head cap fits snug (shout out to Simply divine, my west nile Christopher's head cap fit great :)) but to me the thing I can't stand is when a head caps magnet s start disintegrating :(. It's especially bad when they use some weird size of magnet That's hard to replace ! I have a couple of dolls with tiny headcaps whose magnets are slowly turning to powder and I dread having to hunt down replacements.
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    13. Head caps can drive me mad. Some are too tight and I worry about scratching the face-up when taking it off. Others fall off whenever I’m trying to move the doll.

      I cheated with one of my dolls and put a piece of tape on her cap to hold it on. I hope I don’t regret it, but it works.
    14. I certainly don't like the idea of a headcap that can just fall off if you turn the doll upside down. I prefer dolls that have a more-or-less realistic construction, so pieces that lock into place so they won't fall off are best. The idea of faceplates is very attractive but there would certainly need to be a method of keeping it on snugly better than a magnet; I too do not like the idea of having it fall off.

      The best headcap I've seen is one that goes on at an angle and twists to lock into place. It seems very simple and easy to use while being secure. Unfortunately I forget just which doll brand that was who had it...
    15. I don’t think about it, really. I think part of that is because many of my dolls have headcaps that twist on, so there’s usually a very visible seam. Pondering it though with consideration for some of my newer dolls, there is something satisfying about getting a doll all dressed up and snapping its head closed after it’s put on, especially for the first time after customization. Like it’s a sensory cue that the doll is on its way to completion and being ready to be photographed and showed off.
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    16. I don't really care, as long as it stays on, though my first doll had the s-hook headcap and is such a pain, it's part of why it took me years to restring him.

      There are really only two things I don't like: shallow headcaps and faceplates.

      One of my girls has a headcap so flat/shallow that by the time a wig is big enough to fit around her head, it's all poofy and empty and keeps falling off, even with a wig cap, because the wig cap doesn't fit right either. Her wig literally has to be slipped over her ears to stay on, thankfully it's a style that would cover anyway.

      I don't like faceplates at all. I don't like the visible lines along the jaw, and I don't like how easily they fall off. I've had one or two that were okayish, but for the most part, I want nothing to do with it.