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Headcap too small

Jul 22, 2016

    1. So if I can figure out how to post pictures I will, but I'll try to explain my issue first. I opened my LE minifee Rohan today from Fairyland and was super excited. I have no intention of changing his eyes, but I always like to inspect the whole body. When I got to his head I noticed that the resin seemed to be almost rubbed off in the spot where your thumb would go to remove the headcap. I thought it was weird, but figured it's always going to be under a wig so it doesn't really matter to me. Then I realized why. When I tried to take the cap off, I couldn't. It took me twenty minutes and I almost took my whole doll's head off. Not to mention that it took me another ten minutes to get it to snap back into place. It's almost like the cap is not the right shape so you have to be McGyver to get it off. It's not a magnet issue either. So...not sure what I should do. I risk destroying my doll's faceup and head every time I try to remove the headcap. I'm sure I could sand something, but I've never modded anything. Clearly someone knew it was like that because of the previous "struggle marks" as I've come to call them. Again...I don't plan on changing my doll's eyes anytime soon, but it's just little things like this that I find irritating when I spend so much on a doll. Its headcap should be able to come on and off without danger to the doll or myself.

      Has anyone else had this problem before? I've heard of people with loose fitting headcaps, but never with headcaps that wouldn't come off.
    2. You should contact Fairyland immediately and include photos and a description of your issue. If you ordered your doll through a dealer, then contact the dealer instead and they will relay your issues to Fairyland.
    3. Ok. I will take some pictures and get them sent out to them. Is this a problem you have heard of happening before?
    4. Personally, not one I've heard of or run into before. However, worst case scenario of contacting the company is that they tell you it's not a defect and refuse to replace it. So, I think it is always worth trying to see if they will do some leg work on their end. In the meantime, I suppose you could try applying a dab or two of sticky tack to the rim of the headcap such that it creates a gap between the headcap and head.
    5. I haven't handled a Minifee since before they had magnets in their heads, so I'm wondering if Fairyland glues those magnets in there. If so, perhaps they put the headcap on before the glue was dry, and now the headcap is glued down?

      If I was in your situation, I'd certainly contact Fairyland/the dealer about it, but in the event that Fairyland won't acknowledge the problem... I would first try putting the head in the freezer, in case it really is glued (sometimes freezing helps). Beyond that, it's hard to say how to get it off without causing damage. Maybe as a last resort, you could heat the head up a little using steam, just so the resin becomes sliiiightly soft, then maybe the headcap would come loose. And once it's cooled down you could analyze why it doesn't fit and sand where necessary. @__@

      What a weird situation, I've never heard of this happening. I'd be so mad if I couldn't get a headcap off! Just imagine if one of his eyes had come loose in shipping, then he'd be stuck with one eye! I hope you can figure it out. :/
    6. Minifees have LOTS of headcap problems. Too big, too small, gapping when it's on the head. I would contact them, or your dealer, like others have said, but they may not see it as any problem.
    7. Do Minifees come with magnets in the headcaps now? Strange, never heard of that before. My own Minifee headcaps (I own multiple heads) - well, it depends. I got one that's pretty tight and I have to use quite some force to get it off and back on. Others work better but still are really tight. I always thought that was done intentionally so as to prevent the headcaps from falling off too easily because there's no magnets.
    8. I doubt it, because the magnet would just be pulled out by the other side.

      N-thing what other people have said: Contact Fairyland or your dealer. Seems to me like this is a quality issue and maybe they are able (willing) to fix it :).
    9. The magnets are not to keep the headcap on, they're for horns and animal ears. I don't think all Minifee have them, I just assumed it because the OP mentioned magnets. :0
    10. If he is tan, I think the "rubbed" mark is normal. All the tan FL I have seen have a lighter spot on top of the head from sanding. My Littlefee has it, and I've seen many others in pictures.