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Headhunters arise!

Feb 23, 2010

    1. After being in this hobby for 18 months I find I'm collecting more heads than bodies. Don't know how this started, but it might have been a sleeping head that began this compulsion. So now I'm looking at getting more heads of a certain doll company and only a few bodies to display them. The amount of space needed to have so many dolls is becoming a problem.

      Am I alone in this "HeadHunter" frame of mind?
    2. Heck no, you're not alone! I don't know how it happens. Maybe because it's cheaper to buy heads and all the different faceups you can have for the same sculpt. I find myself overwhelmed by floating heads. I'm selling some, but it wn't make much of a dent on the collection. There should be a special term for it - headophilia perhaps!:lol:
    3. I'm not sure why, but I dislike the thought of buying a doll from Fairyland without having their sleeping head as well... I've got sleeping heads for both my Seorin and my Shushu, not to mention the Shushu elf-head...

      And with Pukis, I must have their sleeping faceplate as well.
    4. Yea, I'm into the sleeping heads too, but I really love DollsTown dolls. Their faces have such sad expressions that fit in my 18th c street urchins. Choosing just one is.... well.... hard. So I've decided to purchase the heads i like from each size group and one body to match the size. I like them all... gosh, what a dilemma! Yes, I'm a BJD HeadHunter.
    5. Me too. I seem to accumulate mine when companies discontinue dolls I want, but I can't afford a doll at the time, so I buy a head and squirrel it away until I can afford a body I like. I have a drawer full of heads.
    6. I hate having floating heads around! one always leads to another. XD
      Whenever I have a head around I push off getting a body to buy another floating head.
      I just finally caught up!
    7. I would probably have this problem - but my naughty cats and dogs assure that I cannot. They manage to get ahold of or knock anything small off wherever.
    8. My heads / disembodied doll parts outnumber my whole dolls. :nowords:
    9. I only buy bodies to display my headhunting trophies. xD
    10. LOL! I love this!

      I am like captain of the S.S. Bodiless, so I am trying not to buy heads, but sometimes it can't be helped.
    11. I'm a stray head magnet. They just sort-of seem to follow me home, and a *lot* of my crew started out as bod-less Floaters. :lol:

      That said... Right now, for the first time since I started this hobby, I actually don't have any strays waiting on bodies. They've all finally been provided for. There's a certain satisfaction in that. ^_^

      (I do still have several heads in storage... My tiny Soom MDs' alternate heads, a Sphaler head, a couple of unpainted MiniFee and LittleFee alternate and event heads... But I don't really count them among my "strays". They're heads that I only keep for completeness' sake. Heads that were never intended to be anything but unused parts-)
    12. I do end up with floating heads, since heads generally are easier to afford right off. However, their floating state is strictly temporary as I feel I can't fully enjoy them if they're only heads. Plus they embody characters, and I don't feel right about getting a character a head and no body.
    13. i'm actually almost done in my headhunting adventure.(i only need two hot mnm vamps to finish.)

      but i started out just like the rest of you - lots o heads,not enough bodies for them all.

      i'm thinking of making a sectional couch for all of my resin crew to fit in since i don't have any other furniture in my room anymore to properly display them on.(got rid of a lot of stuff since my room got painted very recently.)

    14. I collect CP Fairyland event heads, and some of the Luts ones as well. Only one I've gotten has a body (and only because I bought him with it), the rest are floating.

      I have plans on 'finishing' the smaller faceplates with bodies when I can, but for the most part I think the majority will end up bodiless for awhile.
    15. When I first got into this hobby I vowed that I wouldn't have a million floating head laying around. So naturally I have tons! O__O
      I'm trying really hard to not buy anymore heads until I get more bodies. It's so hard though! :sweat
    16. "point at user title"
      no, you are not alone ..........;)
      i just did a census, and i'm up to 36 floating heads/faceplates:sweat
      no impulse buys; they are all wanted and loved.
      some were available has heads only, some i could afford as heads only, some showed up for sale as only as heads only.
      many are still this way because of resin match issues, difficulty of finding certain bodies, the cost of certain resin bodies, etc,etc...

      and i have no shortage of full dolls either.......

      when they are all going to be "complete" it will be very cosy;they may need their own apartment:lol:;)

    17. yeah iam beggining now after i promise myself not until i have more bodies
    18. I am down to 2 floating heads that I was going to use just for face up practice but I saw one of my heads with a gorgeous face up and so now she will have to get a body in the future too. For a while I had so many heads and I couldnt afford the Volks body for them. I ended up selling all my floaters except these two. I dont mind letting dolls share a body. My want list is always so long.
    19. I go through phases. I was down to no heads, now I have two and two more on the way with no potential bodies on the horizon...
    20. Having been told not to buy anymore dolls, I've managed to aquire several heads (and then snuck in a body) all the while pointing out that I did not, in fact, actually buy a 'whole' doll. My husband really should read the fine print in contracts like this!