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heads or bodies first

Nov 27, 2016

    1. When you're making a hybrid do you usually buy the head or body first? I bought a body first because it was on sale but I'm not sure I made the right decision.
    2. @Sinezona I think it's most common for somebody to have the head first, and then find a body to complete them. But this may be because it's so easy for a lovely face to be the spark of passion which begins a new project.

      I've started hybrids both ways. The longer I've been collecting dolls the more parts I have to work with. Sometimes I find bodies that I think are especially great, so even if they don't work out for one doll I will use them to make a different hybrid doll later.

      I don't think there's any reason to feel uneasy about beginning a hybrid with the body. I'm sure you'll be able to find a fantastic head to complete your doll!
    3. I've done both!

      Usually, I try to get a head first because that can determine what body I need. If I've already done my research and know what should work and have chosen both parts, I tend to get whichever is most convenient at the time. Sometimes, I have failed hybrids or even full dolls that I end up selling the heads and looking for a new head for the body. Other times, I get just a head or just a body in a trade and have to go searching for the other half later. There have been times when I've just fallen in love with a beautiful body, then try to find a head I like to fit it later. I don't think it really matters which you get first, as long as you do the research to find parts that match well enough to meet your personal standards.
    4. I usually buy the head first and then the body because I don't usually have a planned character to base my doll on so I see the head sculpt first and work around that.

      Making a hybrid with a body first is doable, it just may take longer finding the perfect head because your choices are limited to the gender and size of the body, though it won't make much difference if it is based on a character in mind.
    5. As I always work on a very short budget, I would do my research fully and then sit and wait for the sales. Not a problem at all, I believe you didn't do wrong. If you know what you want and your ranges, focusing on saving money is a good strategy as well.
    6. I don't think you made a wrong decision! You'll need both the head and body eventually.
    7. as for me, i have done both,first i bought a IOS SEZZ head because it's on sale and he is charming,then i bought a body for him,and a few months ago,i bought a body from April Story,(the problem is it's on sale ,and i don't like their heads),and it takes me a few weeks to find a head for that body,i think buy a head first or body first,it depends on which one you like first and which one is right on sale~:cheer
    8. It sort of depends on whether I decide what body I want first, or what head--and also which is on sale. All in all, I usually buy heads first, because I am first attracted to the head for a doll, and then I buy a body which will work for both the head and the character.
    9. I mostly hybrid head first, because I tend to fall in love with sculpts and then decide what body I want them on if they don't come with one that suits the character I have in mind. There's nothing wrong with buying a body when it's on sale and waiting until you find a head for it, though.
    10. It's definitely head first for me, that's if the full doll not available...I will not buy body only / body first unless I have a head that needs a body yet
    11. I usually start with the head, I'll fall in love with a face and then try to find it a suitable perch. But I have done it the other way. The first piece of doll that ever arrived in the mail to me was a body (it was my second purchase but it arrived before the first doll I bought). I bought the head a few months later and it worked~ I had mostly decided on the head sculpt by then, seeing the body in person made me certain that the resin color I selected for the head was spot on.
    12. When looking at dolls, unless it's a specific character that I'm trying to make, I usually start with the body. The bodies are just what appeals to me most, so having an aesthetically pleasing body is a must for me.
    13. Buying a head first is the most important thing for me. Two out of the three of my dolls are hybrids and I always look at heads before I buy a body. I fall in love with a head and then figure out what size the doll is and find a body that matches. I can't picture myself buying a body first without a head. At least that's just me.Some people like to buy bodies first.
    14. I've done it both ways around! Though mostly I tend to gravitate towards the smaller companies that only make heads... So finding bodies for them becomes a necessity.
    15. Which ever part I find for a good deal, then I look in to what's missing.
    16. My plan for a hybrid was going to be body first, but I ended up saving up enough to buy both head and body at the same time. I think, if I hybrid again, it'll be body first unless the head is limited - for whatever reason, I just don't like the sound of buying a head then waiting ages until I have enough for the body because the body is usually more expensive.
    17. I am in the process of creating two hybrids (for the first time ever) as I have two incoming heads... I am both exhilarated and terrified:shudder
    18. Head first. Usually they're why I want the body the the first place. Also, it's a cheaper start cost. It does take forever to save up for the body though. I tried to do body first once, but the head was discontinued while the body is still being designed. Hopefully the body comes out eventually.
    19. Head first. No point in getting a body if I don't know what head I want to put on it since the neck/shoulder size/proportion can really make or break a look.
    20. Heads, cause it's the face I fall in love with. I'm pretty much convinced IOS has the best bodies so I just give all my dolls IOS bodies anymore. I even replaced some dolls' bodies with IOS bodies. lol! They just pose so well and then everyone can have interchangeable clothes, so it makes life a little easier!