HeartStrung Bulbi doll (25cm)

Apr 28, 2017

    1. Hi all!

      It's great to be able to have a thread where members can discuss Bulbi and Bulbi-related matters!

      Doing a little happy dance!
      by Amal, on Flickr

      Here are Bulbi's basic measurements:

      Height: 25cm
      Head Circumference: 31.5cm
      Wig size: 12.5"
      Eye size: 24mm
      Foot length: 1.9cm
      Chest circumference: 12cm
      Hip circumference: 15.5cm

      Let's share ideas and sources for clothing and accessories, etc! <3
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    2. I cant wait to get my girl!! :D <3
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    3. I have pre-ordered this little sweetie too! So exciting!
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    4. Waiting also:XD: Can't wait to get her. Not sure of her concept yet but the sculpt has so much personality as is...I don't think it she'll need much. So excited!
    5. I'm also waiting for Bulbi. :D Does anyone know a good places to get her the eyes and wigs in her size? She has such a big head that I don't know where to start hunting.
    6. *Sits down to wait, too*

      Anyone else started the perilous task of finding clothes and shoes that might fit? Nothing out there is going to be this exact shape and size, but does anyone know of something that would be a good start, with alterations?
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    7. I'm guessing Bulbi will fit some YO-Sd clothes (dresses and such?) For shoes, maybe Blythe or Azone ones could work for her?
    8. Yes! Blythe/Azone shoes (of the smaller kind) can work well, especially if Bulbi's also wearing socks or stockings. Her feet are very close in size to Middie Blythe, but I bought two pairs of handmade leather Middie sized boots to try and only one pair fit - so, it might be hit or miss depending on different brands/styles.

      I think Bulbi will be smaller than a lot of YOSD...

      Here is a photo, taken by Tiina Vanhaputa, of Bulbi next to Blythe and a Mydolling Dana Koo:
      Instagram post by Tiina Vanhatupa • Mar 29, 2017 at 8:36am UTC

      @AnnieStar her wig and eye size are quite common in the Reborn hobby. I bought my wig from Kemper Dolls - they have quite a few styles in the sizes 12-13 and 14-15, both of which will work, but because they are soft caps you'll need to use wig tape or velcro dots or something to keep the wigs on, especially if using the larger size.
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    9. Aha! That's useful. Blythes are a whole, new world for me, so time to set foot in there.

      And mine is to be male (after a bit of gender confirmation treatment), so I have a whole nightmare of commissioning clothes ahead of me, I suspect.

      And I did wonder what they would look like next to a MyDolling. I have been flirting with a Q.Pito for years but never felt keen enough to drop that kind of money on one. Seeing how well they go together, perhaps it's going back on my wish list.
    10. @MadamMauMau Oh yeah, a boy! What kind of style do you think you'll go for? Maybe 'Ken', or 1/6 action figure items might work? I've got a pair of Momoko dungarees that sort of fit, so maybe other 1/6 might at least be good for alterations?!
    11. Mr Humbolt is the Man in the Moon. He will be in pinstripes and a tail coat. I have a load of action figure clothes at home so can try some, but I suspect he will be too small. I might get away with taking in a waistcoat and, perhaps, trousers. I will have to have a look and see when he arrives.
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    12. @aneemal
      Thank you so much for clothing/wig/shoe fit info! :thumbup It would be awesome if some of the Azone clothes & shoes happen to fit! I have quite a few things I bought for trial and error size ups. I'll post an update unless someone gets there first.

      @MadamMauMau A boy version will be fantastic! Looking forward to seeing Mr. Humbolt....always enjoy seeing your concept choices.
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    13. @aneemal Thank you for the tips! Have to check them out. :3nodding:
    14. I can't wait to get my girls! So pleased to find a thread where hints and tips on accessories can be shared!!
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    15. @aneemal, could you get measurements for waist, shoulder width, arm length and leg length (waist to floor)? So far, action figure trousers should fit on the hips, but I suspect all else will be way out. It would be handy to know by how much, though, and whether it would be feasible to adjust them. Cheers.
    16. I'm a bit jet lagged but happily returned home in time to receive my Bulbi today. :XD: And what a cutie! I have her in white skin, which is creamy. Not sure of her concept yet. So far I have a pair of shoes that fit her :thumbup sooo let the shopping begin!

      Update: I tried some yo-sized clothes on little Bulbi. The good news is that some pieces might potentially work :thumbup. Specifically, I tried on jeans and a tee shirt from a YG-style outfit. Jeans fit, tiny bit big in the waist but if the waist was any smaller, the pants wouldn't fit over the hips. Length obviously too long but could be cuffed for style or altered. The tee shirt also a bit of a loose fit. Could potentially work as a mini dress. The fit through the shoulders wasn't bad. Long sleeved shirts are definitely too big. Short sleeves or tanks might be an option to work with though. I have some Azone stuff - I might fiddle with it latter and post an update.

      Meanwhile I've ordered a pair of eyes and an outfit from a couple etsy folk. Hopefully one or the other will be suitable. :3nodding:
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    17. That's really useful. I have yet to really embark on the clothes-finding thing in any seriousness. Last layaway payment made, though, so I need to focus. I still need waist, shoulder, arm and leg measurements. Can anyone oblige?
    18. Glad it's some help. I can take measurements over the next couple days if someone doesn't beat me to it. I'll also try to get a decent photo to post for reference.
    19. That would be great. Thanks for that.