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Heartstrung Pirooz Discussion

Mar 19, 2011

    1. as a proud new owner of a Pirooz by Heartstrung i am starting this thread so we can chat about our little ones :aheartbea

      here is some info about them:

      Pirooz is made by Amal (aneemal) of Heartstrung and is so far a Limited Edition of 6.
      she is a handmade ball-jointed doll. She is cast in a durable polyurethane resin with added pigments. Pirooz stands approximately 9 inches tall (22.86 cm). Her head circumference is just over 4 inches and she wears 7mm eyes.

      her creation was documented in this thread here in the doll workshop but the following thread on another forum shows the creation with all the pics if you are interested:

      here is my girl, as of yet nameless, but one of the biggest characters in my house already:


      for more pics, here is her gallery thread i just posted.
      and to see all of her pics go to my flickr. :chocoberry

      her resin is beautiful, such a beautiful colour and it is smooth yet looks like real skin.
      i'm surprised how tough and sturdy her parts feel, much less flimsy than my other resin bjd's.
      i'm most pleased with how she just is herself, such a character from the very first time i looked at her little face! i'm so in love with her and so happy that she has joined my little dolly family.
      she says hi to everyone :D
    2. a pic of Pirooz and Rii (elfdoll min del re) meeting, they look as if they have a sinister plan ;)


      i'm debating on her name, i have Frida, Freja, Rae, Ash and Nurit.......
    3. She's amazing, Annina, very striking, I love the colour of her resin. Congrats on such a fab addition to your collection :D
    4. Thank you so much for starting this thread, Annina! ...I'm so thrilled that one of my dolls found her way into your family :)

      kayjay, it makes me very happy to hear that you like her. :chocoberry
    5. She is beautiful, annina, congratulations! I am very curious about all the handmade dolls, and still I don´t own one of these I´ll be enjoying a lot for photos of other people will take of them. :)
    6. thank you Kayjay, she is my first doll in over a year, i am so happy she is such a special one, she is really close to my heart :aheartbea

      Amal, i'm so happy to have started the thread, and i love to have this place to talk about lovely Pirooz! :D
      thank you for making her :chocoberry

      thank you Milly! it feels so special to have a handmade doll, and she is just extra special because Amal is a dear friend. :)

      right now i'm thinking she might be Frida..... let's see if it still fits tomorrow!


      i think one pic per post is ok? :P
      just can't stop spamming her ;)
    7. I like the name Frida for her. It has enough attitude for this girl´s looks!
    8. i've finally named my girl, meet Saga: :D


      here are all her pics so far: Saga's pics

      and i made a flickr pool for all owners and admirers of Heartstrung dolls:

      i have some mohair in several colours that i've bought ages ago, some time i want to make her a wig, maybe later this month!
      and i'm planning to knit her a dress, but all in its time ;) (usually takes a while with me)
    9. Saga trying a new wig, i love her in this cream colour!


    10. a close-up of Saga:

      more Saga ♥ by anninaislove, on Flickr

      i am about to make her clothes, finally, i will post here when i have done that!

    11. What a lovely little doll! I love her resin color. The outfit you made her is great.
    12. aww thank you Stella Maris. she really is such a sweet doll, i'll make her a new outfit soon! :aheartbea
    13. She really is lovely! I hope you or someone can post here when she gets her new site up.
    14. Thanks for that, neat looking doll! I see she is also working on her website.
    15. Thank you so much for your interest in my dolls! I just wanted to add that I've created a page on Facebook where you can follow the progress of my new doll prior to the launch of the website. I hope it's okay to share the link here: HeartStrung on Facebook...
      Once she is in resin, I'll submit her to DoA for consideration by the Mods.
    16. Since we're so excited about Ruse, Saga is knitting something for her future sister ♥

      New year, new knitting by anninaislove, on Flickr

      it's the first time I'm tiny-knitting and it's going well so far, I really love how it looks and I'm gonna post the end result when we're all done! :D
    17. YAY! I finally found my Pirooz doll too! She had been lost for a long time but I have her again. I had to tighten her stringing after 3 years and I fear I may have tightened it a bit too much :-/ It's nice to see the similarities between the two sculpts made by Amal (er artistic style coming through) yet the improvements and elegance she achieved wit Ruse. I am still yet to paint both my girls (lazy BAD doll mum here!!... well, just one with no time!)
    18. ooh welcome here Monika and yay for you finding your Pirooz! I hope you get the stringing right. You're further than me, I still have never restrung a doll yet, despite being in this hobby for 7 years now >__<

      can't wait to see your Pirooz girl again! I really love Pirooz's sculpt, she is so unique and I love Amal's style!