Heel Legs? How do they work?

Feb 3, 2021

    1. The doll that I bought utilizes heel legs rather than heel feet. I can buy them separately. Is it worth it? Do I have to completely restring the doll every time I want her to wear heels? How do heel legs work?
    2. I think heel legs don't have the ankle joint so it looks prettier? I have heel feet, and if I want her to wear heels, which she's currently doing, she has the heel feet. If I want her to wear flat shoes, I can switch her feet back. In case of legs, I assume the leg elastic is shorter? Maybe you can find a YouTube video.
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    3. My Sadol Yena has heel legs. She arrived with them already strung, but I decided to switch to her regular legs and flat feet. Restringing her completely was not necessary. However, that's because her S-hook rests at the bottom of her foot instead of the knee like some companies do. If the company you are buying from has a system where the string connects at the knee, it most likely would require restring the entire doll because you would need a longer string.

      For me, heel legs/feet aren't necessary for my dolls and I only have them because they were included with the doll. I found Sadol's system for the heel legs so frustrating that I have not put them back on after removing them.

      Only you can say if they are worth it. It may depend on how hard it is to change the legs out and how often you'll actually use them. They do offer a very pretty, clean look. And, let's be honest there are a lot of cute heels out there for our dolls. I just don't think I would purchase them separately.
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    4. My other adult female dolls have heel feet, but there doesn't seem to be that option for this doll (Luts Delf type 5 body). I will check YouTube although I did do a search on Google. My search on this site brought up only Marketplace sales. The legs would be prettier and as someone suggested perhaps more sturdy than the heel feet, but before I go buy them, I want to know how they are connected.

      I kind of did want her to wear heels at times, but if it is going to be a pain to switch her back to casual shoes, I might decide not to get them.
    5. A couple of my girls came with heel leg parts, an SD16 girl and a SQLabs 61 girl.

      My SD16 girl does not need to be restrung to put on her heel legs. The flat foot/jointed leg has separate elastic running from the knee through the ankle to the foot. The heel leg is solid. Both of them attach by hooking them on at the knee. Easy peasy. I can't recall if it's the same for my SQLabs because I've never changed them out.

      I don't have very many girls, so these two are my only options for wearing all the cute heeled girl shoes I like. I love the smooth ankle line, a la fashion doll, when they are dressed in stockings and dresses. It makes their legs look so much nicer imho, but I come from a background in fashion dolls so that may not be a thing for everyone.
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    6. All these ideas about different stringings got me curious, so I peaked and it turns out that my doll (Luts Delf - Type 5 multi-body), has legs that are strung from the hip joint, so I wouldn't have to restring the whole body, just the leg. What you described sounds even easier, but my doll isn't quite that easy a switch, but I would like to get her in some cute heels!
    7. I was curious too and I checked out Luts listing for their heel legs and it looks like they use a system similar to the SD16 girl that idrisfynn mentioned. It looks really easy. I'd say go for it!

      Here's the listing if you want to check it out. You can see that they are strung separately.
      lutsdoll co.,ltd.
    8. Yes, that's the senior delf. I have the delf, but the heel feet look very similar and when I peaked at how my doll was strung, she has pegs that the leg elastic is attached to - up in each hip. I would just need two more shorter bands of elastic for the heel legs that were shorter only having to reach to the knee hook and not all the way down to the foot. I think I will buy them. Thank you for helping me to make my decision.