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heels- will regular feet fit in high heeled shoes?

Nov 11, 2008

    1. So I was looking at shoes for my soon-to-be doll, and I saw some amazing heels. I always see the special feet for high heels, and I was wondering if regular feet wont fit in high heeled shoes.

      sorry if this is in the wrong section and/or if it has already been asked
    2. I have Lishe - the original version, and ordered high heeled feet which are absolutelutely not the same as the original feet ( I make shoes and boots) and will not fit on my original Lishe body. I will keep them since I hope to order a new Lishe some day, but be very careful.
    3. Regular feet won't fit into high heels so there is a reason why optional feet are available. If you try to fit regular feet into high heels, it will most likely distort the material and ruin the shoes!
    4. It kind of depends on the shoe... My girl has standard flat feet, but I have her in low heels right now, and they fit great (she doesn't even have trouble standing). If the heel is high enough that the foot has an arch though, it won't work. Check out Dollheart, most of their heels are fine on a regular flat foot.
    5. My Elfdoll Soah has regular flat feet and can wear and stand in heeled shoes so long as the heels aren't hugely high causing an extremely arch-shaped sole in the shoe.

      The sole of her foot is ususually only touching the inside of the shoe sole at the arch of the foot when she's wearing them - her heel isn't touching and the tips of her toes are resting on the sole of the shoe in the toe area.

      But you can't tell that when you look at it.

    6. Aren't the high-heeled feet from Luts for the Senior Delfs, like Annette and Blanchet, and not for the regular Delfs, like Lishe and Miyu? That might explain why they don't fit -- they're not intended for any Lishe, new or old.

      In general, I've found if a doll can tip her toes down enough to stand straight in a high heel, she can wear anything BUT SD16 & similar heels. SD16 have a high arch, so regular flat feet won't fit in them. But my CH and my PW girls have no issue with their high heels from Iplehouse. The CH girls actually stand better in high heels than in regular shoes.
    7. Dollmore sells high heels for flat footed BJD. I know, I got some and my CP girls stand fine in them.
    8. Thank you for your answers!
    9. Which doll is your soon-to-be doll? My two Volks girls have several pairs of heels, and have no problem standing in them with regular flat feet.


      I agree with candygears, though, it depends on which doll and which shoes.

      Linda S.
    10. I also emailed Leekworld about whether regular SD dolls with flat fee could wear their high heel shoes and the answer was yes. I haven't received the shoes yet so haven't tried it on.
    11. I had a Bobobie Pixie and didn't own any special shoes and her feet fit fine in heeled boots. I was able to get them on and off with little to no trouble. She could also stand just fine as long as I could get her to balance (which Bobobie's can be notoriously hard to do with because of their tummy joints)
      I suppose it just depends on the shoe and the length and width of the foot