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Height Question

Aug 15, 2008

    1. So my girl is what i thought to be an MSD. Well I seemed to have been proved a tad wroung since I was doing a trade with a girl and I got my end and tried to put the clothing on her and they were way to small. I thought maybe she was like stocky for an MSD but I am having doubts. She is a Zaoll and is 52cm. Does that make her an SD? Or was I right and she is just bigger bodied? Thanks in advanced :)
    2. Generally, MSD (or 1/4) girls are in the 43-45 cm range, I think. I'm afraid I'm more familiar with SD (1/3) boys than the girls, but I think they average 60 cm (although there are some companies that do 65, 70, and 3ven 80 cm dols).
    3. Zaoll can actually fit into SD clothing, with some adjustments, so generally she's considered a short SD as opposed to a tall MSD. I believe her proportions are much more like than SD's.

      The official height for Volks SD10 girls is 55cm, I think, so while Zaoll's a bit short, she's not too unusual in the wide variety of SD-size heights.
    4. Thank you! :)
    5. !!!! Thank you so much! :D That helps a great deal! Sad though since the clothing was soo cute. Well have to send it back.
    6. yes she's a short SD.