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Heimdal,3rd of Bermann Do. is comming to you...

Mar 15, 2006

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi, dear~*
      This is Anu. It is very long time to see you~*
      Thank you so much for your loves for Bermann doll.
      I thougth that you forgot to Bermann, already.
      because it took too much time from the last version...;
      and now, I feel very afriad of that you would not be a new release of him.
      the 3rd version, Heimdal....

      You can feel that he is quite different style with previous ones, It can be possible..
      I'm so sorry...;;;; Just because, I wanted to express, the gurdians of people.
      at 1st, I planned him as "Prometeous" than, changed to "Hades",
      but finally, he became to be a Heimdal....

      Why Heimdal....?
      Heimdal was sent to us with the gift of culture, that we should have the power to protect ourselves from the evil that would some day come.
      Also, He is the god of beneficent fire, and the fire of the aroused spirit.
      Isn't it great? 0-0?

      To express him, I had to find something special for him.
      It was "Eyes"
      According to legend..
      He requires less sleep than a bird and can see a hundred miles around him, by night as well as by day.
      You can see that eyes of Heimdal is very special.
      He has bloodshot eyes.
      (refer belows images..)


      Besides, I tried to express a images of good god in various ways..
      For example,Candles, it was motivated from folks too. Heimdal is the god of beneficent fire too.

      to make a confirm details for dolls,
      please go to the my private page :: Anu style (http://anustyle.com)

      I deeply wish that you would be happy with him..
      Next Bermanns(4th) are preparing too...

      have a good day~*

      #Date of Releasing : 08:00am. 16th.March.
      #Type of skin : (Truly) White
      #Shipping schedule : 30th.April.

      ps. I'm very sorry for my late answers for my e-mail.
      but I don't ignore, Never..I can not do. but just wait for a while..please..;;
      Recently my e-mail box is really really busy..T-T(how can i do..T_T;;;)
    2. Wow, he's gorgeous! I'm speechless! *_*
    3. Oh my Anu he is really beautiful, I really like the eyes you chose for him. Will he be.....uh..the same price as the others or a little less in price. I really wish I could afford him.
    4. Anu, is this a pre-order or are the dolls finished and ready to ship?
    5. OMG why I still couldn't see him on stock?
      I am going to have heart attack :aheartbea
    6. if he's in your cart does that mean he's yours even if you cant pay until tonight?
    7. That pushes the total number of people (posting at least) that the got one up to 20 on DoA alone. Take a look at the Waiting for Bermann thread on Larger Dolls. ^^;; I'm thinking we're going to have more than just a few disappointed people at this rate.

      The Waiting for Bermann thread is trying to see if they can narrow the number down via comfirmation letters and order numbers right now if anyone wants to wander on over.


      Steph ^_^V
    8. well. for numbers purposes. i know i got one, and another fren got another. *grin*
    9. I don't think anyone can say they got him until they get a personal e-mail from Tensiya (not from Paypal, nor a confirmation screen on the Tensiya website) saying you got him. So far only six DoA members have gotten one of those for sure.

      I'm afraid that everyone else will probably get a refund.:(
    10. The emails from Tensiya were probably automated, so no guarantee either.

    11. Confirming emails from Tensiya???? Oh no.....Alex
    12. not really i think tensiya email is more accurate :D
    13. You could be right since this is all supposition. However, even if the Tensiya e-mail is automated, it could be that it only sends out eleven confirmations and then stops. I guess if eleven or fewer people get this response it could be the final word.
    14. we are very sorry for all our confusing..
      there were too many orders, at the same tiem, there were system broken down..
      there are only 11 orders for Bermann dolls. (in order to 'eailer' access)
      You can make a check for your order on the top page of TensiYa.

      1. because there were too many..(...trully too many..) orders at the same time, I could not find out which one is yours (eailers) or not. because Paypal does not gurantee the the same time of your orders. so the eailer order is ....by our shop order list.

      2. here are Top 11 (..) ID
      01 Astoreth (♡)
      02 Butterfly (△)
      03 monozuki
      04 L_Lamb
      05 milkeye
      06 dieCG (♡)
      07 brokenchaos (♡)
      08 aster
      09 Sandwich(♡)
      10 holly
      11 Ella (♡)

      "♡" means "completly comfirmed:
      "△" means "uncleared by paypal"(I have no idea what it says..at anyhow...)
      "Nomark".means...I cancled your payment by paypal refund.
      and If you want to get Bermann doll pleae make a payment by paypal agian..(sorry..)

      and also, if there were someone in this list...who does not want to Bermann doll no more, the other one can get him. here is second 3 top eailier.
      Candidacy 1. nathankatt 2.nena 3.Jennifer Mestas

      3. If someone who didn't get a Bermann doll although you could make an order at this time...we will give you a you can have a a priority for next Bermann doll..If you want...

      4. Again..
      I'm deeply sorry for so many many people....

      (ps. to be fankly with you..I did a mark of "Sold Out" when the order is done. but there were no way to stop your orders.. because..this is one of never avoid bugs, while we adop Paypal system...
      If you get a cart in Paypal system, our system regard it as a piece of stock. so it comes to our shop, than mark as "-(minus)" stock. ..........................it is very serious bug... I have no idea what can I...I would be rather make a waiting list for you...now I'm regreting...
      I thought that just 5~ 6 Bermann dolls would be required to you.......
    15. There is a big list of people who want a Bermann, Anu... you don't realise how big! Some of us have been waiting months and months for these lovely dolls. That's why there's such a rush for them.
    16. You have made too many people feel disapointed.
      We wait beside the computer more than 24 hours to wait for him.
      After we finished payment ,we feel so happy.
      But now .You break our hearts.

      about you said:we will give you a you can have a a priority for next Bermann doll..If you want...
      I don't know how it will work.
      Does that mean if we want.we can get one next time?
      But more than 11 people's order have been cannceled.If they all want one.What will happen?
    17. what the hXXX......= =#, Tensiya ! How can they just cancel my order and refund my payment via paypal, and let me pay for the 8% transaction fees?!!!!!(4%out and 4% in) This is really unreasonable and really really unacceptable!!!! Suppose that I'm a customer who ordered some products from one store and my order was approved and then since they asked for immediate payment and I did it. But after that how can they just tell me that my order has been canceled and refund with the incorrect amount of money?!!
      Jesus Christ! I really can not accept this and will not let it pass through like that~!= =#
    18. I understand you :( . *hugs* at least you get priority for Luis Dobermann *__*.

      From what I know the refund is supposed to be the full amount you paid for... and paying Tensiya does not incur a 4% charge from paypal.
    19. that's rite. so Tensiya is driving me crazy rite now. FXXX!
    20. *nod* I would email Tensiya, cc'd to Paypal and ask them to clarify if the fees are for payment for Paypal, and if so, ask for them to be refunded, as under Paypal's T&C, merchants are not supposed to charge customers for them.