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HELD OVER!~NEW LIMHWA Elly 57cm, NEW ARIA SERIES LeLe, MiMi & DoDo 10 inch girls!

Nov 18, 2009


      Update here with MORE NEWS...
      1. Ordering period has been extended by popular request until Sunday, December 6.
      This is because many people were on holiday here in the USA, and need a bit more time to get their orders in.

      2. For ELLY, you can request the SMOKY MAKEUP or the REGULAR MAKEUP from artist Limhwa.
      The smoky makeup has the more defined dark rings around the eyes. (see pic below for example).
      Another choice is to ask for Cristy Stone, who has begun painting dolls for us at Dollfair. Cristy is an awesome artist and will do a full service body blush, manicure-pedicure and CUSTOM makeup for you. This means you can get whatever look you want from Cristy if you don't wish to go with the Limhwa artist in Korea.

      Cristy's work can be seen at www.xtremedolls.com

      We've got a new 57cm Limhwa girl called Elly
      .. as well as a new series of three ten inch girls called ARIA SERIES- LeLe, MiMi and DoDo.

      All new dolls are available in normal beige and beauty white urethane resin. Larger dolls are available in tanned resins (not the tinies at this time). Due to shortage, French resin is not available for regular orders at this time.

      And-- sadly since new dolls are here, we must say goodbye to a few old favorites: Mano 67cm, Elf Mano 67cm, Limhwa 57cm Eva, and Limhwa 57cm Dreaming Half Elf and Dreaming Half Elf optional head. The discontinued dolls are available in both normal beige, tanned and beauty white urethane resin as well as in French resin. We got permission for the French resin since this is the last time we can offer these dolls in 2009.

      Here is ELLY, a new 57cm Limhwa girl. (seen with new SMOKY MAKEUP OPTION)







      Shown above is "normal beige" urethane resin.
      She can be ordered here on www.limhwa.com

      ARIA SERIES are 26cm (10.25 inches) little girls with 3 different faces!

      The little girls look like Limhwa's nieces and nephews.


      Introducing MIMI

      Here is LELE

      And now here's DODO!

      They are available in plus or minus sets (with or without wigs and eyes)
      for a base price of $240

      Ordering period will run from November 18- December 6, 2009

      Feel free to ask me any questions you have about these new dolls, or the upcoming discontinued ones. I will try to post some of my favorite photos of the discontinued dolls to remind you, in case those have been on your list. We cannot take orders for them past December 2.
    2. Will the tinies ever be available in tan skin?
    3. Do you have any accurate pictures of what the tan is like now? Is it still orange? :S
    4. I talked to Limhwa about the tanned dolls.. she says that the casting companies hate to do tanned resin. It's so hard to mix the color with the resin and not get marbling or streaks, and also even color throughout the pieces.

      She said that tanned resin color can vary from ordering period to ordering period, and that if someone is sensitive to having a strict idea about how the tan should be, they should not order tanned color because there is much beyond her control. Some artists don't make tanned dolls due to this difficulty. I wrote to her about the tanned resin, did not hear back for a long time.. it's a hard subject.

      And the Arias will only be available in normal or beauty white at this time.

      Beauty white and normal beige are a consistent color to mix, because there is much less pigment to mix and work into the resins. Thanks for understanding!
    5. Is Limhwa planning on releasing another 67 male now that Mano is being retired? Or is she just going to stick with beautiful girls? I'd sure like another male sculpt to go with my To L.
    6. I am not sure... she found the larger male dolls to be rather overwhelming in her small studio. Sending out the orders was really hard, since the boxes were so huge.

      She does enjoy them personally though. The To L meant "To Limhwa," which meant he was a present to herself. She made him look a bit like her favorite movie star!

      Thanks for the question.
    7. I don't really understand.
      Dreaming Half Elf and Dreaming Half Elf optional? Or Half Elf girl and Dreaming Half Elf optional?
      Does that mean that Limhwa human stays?
    8. From what I understand: you can get a Dreaming Half Elf either as a full doll, or as an extra head for your [regular open eyed] Half Elf doll. Limwha won't be offering the Dreaming Half elf, as a head or as a full doll anymore. The regular Half elf is still offered, and Limwha human is safe!
    9. That's right.

      The only 57cm girls that are being discontinued are:

      Dreaming Half Elf- full doll OR optional head option.
      (some people who owned Half Elf wanted to have a sleep face for her)

      Eva 57 cm girl

      Mano and Mano Elf 67cm boys

      (that's it)
    10. Elly question:

      Is it just the pics or does she have dreamy eyes on this pic? She looks different on this one, like a dreaming version? If not, will there be a dreaming version in future?

      And body question: For us all who have rolling dreaming heads, will there be an option to buy a body only?

      And face up question: I don´t want to be nagging. But All Limhwa girls, even the new Elly and Luna have always the same style face up. I really adore Limhwa´s art, but to me who has already bought 3 big girls the face up style gets boring. In particular I don´t want another doll with pearly lips. Is it possible to request another style when ordering?
    11. Just wondering what is included with the doll? Underwear or high-heel feet?
    12. If you look at Dollfair's ordering site for Limhwa, you will find that the
      girls do come with high-heel feet, but no wig, eyes, or clothing.
      You can chose to buy a "plus set," which basically means just adding
      a wig and glass eyes to the doll, but nothing else. Hope that helps!

      - Enzyme ^.^
    13. High heeled feet are not automatically included, they are an optional extra.
    14. :doh I forgot they were free only during Limhwa's Birthday celebration -
      I was thinking of when they were giving them free - didn't recall it was
      just temporary . Sorry!

      - Enzyme
    15. Hi everyone,
      Great news-- due to the holidays here in the USA this past weekend, we have gotten many requests to hold the sale for a few more days. We can do it!

      Our sale with these beautiful discontinued and brand new styles will continue through this Sunday, December 6.

      If you get your order in by Friday, we will be able to include you in this special last-ever sale for 67cm Mano, Elf Mano, Dreaming Half Elf, and Eva.

      Thank you so much we appreciate your support and love for Limhwa's artist.

      The current Limhwa 57cm girls will be:

      HALF ELF

      Discontinued will be:
      DREAMING HALF ELF (full doll as well as optional facepart)

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.. I know it's a little confusing.