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Hello BuBu Odoroki (CCC), new piggy on the block!

May 12, 2009

    1. Have you seen it, a new piggy bjd by Charles' Creature Cabinet will be released this coming Friday, May 15th 2009!!!

      i love him!!!

    2. Aww just look at that face! So adorable!
    3. Oh my god. That is SO CUTE!!

      ...I don't know about orange though :sweat I hope a normal skin version will be available because I will probably pick it up :D
    4. I have seen the preview and he is adorable.
    5. Piggy BuBu may be cast in Charles usual milky resin, which is very pale, and then the orange added as you would an overall blush. Or maybe he's dyed... We'll have to wait and hear from Charles as to whether that's the case or not. I rather like the orange, he'll go well with my Boneka Kayu piggy. :)
    6. I think he's absolutely darling and he could very well pull me over to the Pig Side.
    7. I really want this one when it comes out. And I so promised myself not to buy another doll soon -_-
    8. This is one I'll buy immediatly this friday!!
      I love love love piggies ( funny thing is, I work as a butcher in the supermarket!!) , and Alice Cherry Blossom would love to have a piggy companion!!

      A lovely doll Charles, can't wait to see more pictures!!!
    9. He's cute. But I'm not too crazy about the orange skin. It looks painted on. I'm also not really into the completely dark eyes. He doesn't seem to have any whites, so he looks a bit possessed, but I guess that can be resolved by changing the eyes. The sculpt of the face is very cute. I wonder how tall he is.
    10. It's an adorable pig XD But I didn't like the orange skin. I think it's a little bit dark. I prefer light pink pigs :3
    11. now that is really cute!
    12. The orange color has light areas, so I'm guessing he's done like my other CCC dolls, and the orange is a blush and not paint, I'm sure Charles will fill us in when he has a chance. Maybe BuBu can be ordered without a face-up for those who don't care for the orange color. I think he's so cute!
    13. I like the orange colour, reminds me of a Ginger pig!!
    14. This new pig is adorable!! He has such a wonderful expression! I actually like the color, as is. Makes him different from the rest. :)
    15. I totally agree with you Cattwo, so many pink or light pink white piggies out there already!
      I really love his face and very warm and unique color, I think I may need him :aheartbea - hoping he's not limited though cause I really want Fidelia firefly too....:?
    16. he's soooo cute! I love the orange! so sick of pigs always being the same color..... PINK! in real life they can be lots of colors...

      his stuff is cool and funky but way way too expensive for me!!! which is crummy since I have HOG HAVEN all set up and waiting for pigs to fill it!!!!!
    17. I ALWAYS need more piggies!
    18. OMG!!!! The Orange color is the best part!!!
      I was not very fond of the pink piggys so much.
      This orange color has a little more wild look to me.

      He would make a perfect Red River Hog with the right face up XD

      If I had the funds I would so make him up to look like one of these guys ^__^
    19. I love this pig so much... Just melts my heart... I'm eager to hear who won the contest. I guessed correctly on the first day, so I'm hoping I was lucky. I never win contests!
    20. Very cute! And the resin looks better! If they offer a basic (optional outfit and faceup), it would be feasible to get him. It would be great if they could do basic option. Like if they did a basic on the firefily I may have gotten her but she was overall just waaay too expensive for a tiny tiny, like the others.