New Company Hello from FRANCE ! Human hair wigs and mohair wigs!

May 6, 2019

    1. Hello everyone !
      We are a French company manufacturing doll accessories for more than 30 years.
      Georgette BRAVOT Company. This is a title
      We launched wigs and hats for your modern dolls: BJD, mannequin dolls and artists dolls.
      Wigs 100% natural hair or mohair specially developed for the universe of modern dolls.
      Do not wait to discover them and tell us what you think.
      We also offer many "canotiers” hats in many differents colors.
      We hope you will love these new models and we will be delighted to know your feeling!

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    2. Do your wigs have elastic caps or are the sizes firm? Also, do you have a reference chart for the colors you offer?
    3. Color reference chart is on the website: Modern dolls wigs I would like to know whether the wigs are on hard caps or stretchy caps too!
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    4. Hi,
      Our wigs have cotton cap, not streched. Colors are shown on the top of the page of wigs.