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Hello!Halloween! Petit Ai (pictures out!)

Oct 11, 2005

    1. Hey all,

      I just noticed this on the Customhouse site so I thought I'd share. There's a 'Hello!Halloween!' Gabriel, Ramiel, Hanael and Uriel in the "Coming Soon" page. Seems like they're the basic sets with limited clothes:

      "Always fun-loving petite angel basics are here to come to you with season-limited basic dresses! Are you ready to give them a handful of sweeties?"
    2. CH is back up internationally? Yay!!

      I just got a CH limited doll, but I'll look at as many CH dolls as fit on my monitor. :D

      Ann in CT
    3. :D So adorable! I like Pumpkin Manuel the most. That pumpkin head is so awesome. XD
    4. well.. this is a bummer, i'm not sure what happened!!

      i had halloweeen hanael IN MY CART. by the time I looked at wigs, shoes, added a couple things for her in there, went to check out, I got an error message that halloween hanael was sold out.

      well why did it let me add her to my cart? WAHH!! I emailed CH to ask if my order went thru or not, but I don't think it did. She was IN MY CART!

      wahh :cry: :crushed :crushed :cry:
    5. It's like Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving in the States. -_- Somebody will come up and steal right out of your cart if you have something they want and it's out of stock.

      I REALLY hope you can get a Hanael, though! She's so sweet looking!

      Gabriel looks like my sister's fiancé's 2-year-old bratty daughter (oooh! Obscure relative!). It's creepy. :shudder

      The Optional hands pictures are funny. The fists ("C'mon... fight me, yo!") and the "L" hand ("OMG. Looo-ser."). XD
    6. I think that if it's in your cart, but you haven't actually put the order through, someone can still buy it right out from under your nose. I'm not sure though. I hope you are able to get her, she's adorable.
    7. Well, crap, I guess that means I won't get one either. I emailed them an order this morning because I couldn't get the checkout to work from my computer at work. Sigh....
    8. Aww sher ;__;
      You got alot closer than I did. I just got online. I cant believe she went so quickly. :|
    9. um

      Hello!Halloween! angel-Hanael see her instock the angel one anyway and she has white skin cute.
    10. i wanted the witch - you can see her under basic -- she's also $120 cheaper than the angel....

      wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :crushed :cry:
    11. That has happened to me before too!

      lucky for me the only custom house I ever wanted are the tan young ones. I really wanted the egyptian ones but of course missed them.

      I wish they would offer the tan as a basic option.
    12. i love Prince Samuel...it feels weird they called him so since i called Samuel my Petite Uriel. lol *_*
    13. That's how it is for all CH orders. All the uniques from Doll Contest are sold like this. I had Ophelia in my cart, and someone was able to add her to his/her cart, and in turn, buy her. It's only sold out if you submitted your order through.

      However, Hanael is unlimited, so don't worry - you'll be able to catch her or a variant thereof in the very near future!
    14. Hello!Halloween!-Uriel Basic is the cutest thing. ;_; *grabby hands*
    15. na na naaa I GOT HER I GOT HER!! oh i AM SO EXCITED!! I was SO SURE it didn't work... from CH...
      Hello dear Sherry,
      Thank you for your email^^

      I have just checked with your order and YES!! all your
      orders are safe.
      You have successfully ordered Hanael as well so don't you
      Congratulations on adding a lovely baby to your family!

      If there are any questions, feel free to write to us

      Best Regards,
      Custom House and Sei.
    16. CONGRAAAAAATS SHEEER *__________*

    17. YEAH! So happy for you! Happy for me too...I got an email from CH this morning that they have reserved one for me as well....MAJOR HAPPY DANCE for both of us...YEAHHHH.......
    18. If anyone wants a Halloween Petit, they are ALL back in stock!
    19. It took me a while to decide on which Petite Ai to get but when I saw the Halloween Basics I flipped and I decided on Gabriel. It was a tough decision but she seemed to have the fullest biggest face. I can't wait to get her.