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Hello Kitty bags perfect for BJDs!

Jan 19, 2005

    1. I hope I'm putting this is the right place now that the forum has super expanded,I can move it if I'm requested to np.
      I found these cool,perfectly scaled Hello Kitty bags and the Japanese market. They run about $4 each but are really good quality and perfect scale for the big girls.There are 5 different styles. Pris has a penchant for pink so it's perfect for her.The one with Hello Kitty on it looks like a bowling bag and it's blue.
    2. What a cute bag :D
    3. Oooooooooooo, what are the other styles like? Do you have piccies?
      Thanks for posting these! :D
    4. That's so cute~!! And goes very well with her pink ensamble and wig. <3
    5. I saw some like that before online and been trying to find them.
      Have you seen a light blue Usahana tote bag among them?
      & thanks for the cute pic~
    6. ohh! Lots of this stuff here in Brazil... for a good price, like... 4 reais... 1 dollar almost XD
    7. The 2 Usahana bags in this series are one pink, and one yellow.
    8. Your doll is so beautiful in all her pinkish glory! The bag is almost as cute as she is.
    9. Pris reminds me so much of a pinkish Kiera Knightly! I think it's her lips mostly. Those are super-cute! Thank you for sharing them with us! :D
    10. How cute! And I love Pris' shoes and stockings!! :daisy
    11. oh... goodness, the alliteration!
    12. oh... goodness, the alliteration![/quote]
      Yeah,I tend to commence stressed syllables of a word group. I think I'll progress with a pity party.
    13. I want a Hello Kitty bag :crushed