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Hello this is Ars Gratia Artis

Feb 4, 2008

    1. Hello, we are Ars Gratia Artis where designs dolls for Jun Planning.
      We are releasing a new line up of Ball Jointed Pet-doll, Pang-Ju series this march.

      There are two models for Pang-ju line up.(It's about 10cm in height)

      the first one is
      strawberry bubble Pang!

      the second one is
      Bat Devil Pang!

      For more informations on our Pang-Ju, visit our website.

      It's price is $300 including shipping fee only for these items.
      There will be no more
      Strawberry bubble Pang! and Bat Devil Pang!

      Thank you for your reading.
    2. Will those be availlable at places like Hobby Link Japan?
    3. I'm sorry to say that you can order by our website only right now.
      Thank you for your interest on our Pang-Ju.
    4. Are these made of resin, or are they plastic like the Ai BJDs from Jun Planning?
    5. They are made of resin.
      And they are special edition of AGA's design and outfit.
    6. We add some images of Pang-Ju's body.
    7. What I didn't quite get, they are bats?
    8. We are now renewal our website and
      you can get the more infos on their story.

      Thank you for your interesting comment on our Pang-Ju.

      Have a very nice day...!!!

      Raye NN
      >>>Wow, seem like you've visited our website...
      >>>Thank you ~:)
    9. They're adorable but where's their tail?:nowords:
    10. The website is up again. I was wondering it says "Order reservation peroid Feb 4 ~". Does that mean its just today or starting today??
    11. Happy to hear your voices.

      Pang-Ju is made of resin so you don't have to worry about that.^^
      [Ai(愛) is also a good bjd I think...^^]

      >>>Thank you for your precise comment.
      >>>You know much more than me.

      >>>Is it so weird without tail???
      >>>Acctually we've so worried and without tail was our final decision.
      >>>If you have an advice, we have all ears to you.

      >>>Yes, I've checked your mail.
      >>>Thank you.
      >>>I'll send you our Email for the paypal payment.

      >>>I've checked your mail also.
      >>>We will do our best for your satisfaction.

      >>>Sorry for causing you inconvenience on access to our website.
      >>>I know that our website is little bit unstable.
      >>>We are changing our web server and our website is on renewal.
      >>>Feb 4 is the starting day of ordering.
      >>>I'm so sorry for confusing you because of my poor English...ㅠ_ㅠ)a

      You can see some more sample Pang-Ju images revealed first time in Japan, Doll Show(2008. Jan. 27).
    12. I have a few questions.

      When does the order reservation period end?

      Can you get Strawberry Bubble Pang in milky white skin?

      Does Bat Devil Pang have holes in his ear for the earring?

    13. Dear Raye NN

      When does the order reservation period end?
      >>>Reservation end date is not confirmed yet.
      >>>We will let you know more infos here and our website.

      Can you get Strawberry Bubble Pang in milky white skin?
      >>>Strawberry Bubble Pang is only in Pink color. Sorry.
      >>>But we have many samples of Pang-Ju line ups and other BJDs.
      >>>Hope your interests on our up coming dolls.

      Does Bat Devil Pang have holes in his ear for the earring?

      We feel sorry for causing you some difficulty in access to our website.
      Now it's condition is much better than yesterday.
      From today, here in Korea is on long holiday(Lunar New Year).
      But I will visit here for your questions.

      Thank you.
    14. Thanks for answering, Rumi and Happy New Year. :)

      Sorry I ask so many questions but I have one more final question.


      Are those the Pang-Ju's lineups collection. If so, I can't wait to buy one. :D
    15. Thank you for your new year's greeting message Raye NN.

      We've prepared Pang-Ju project quite a long time ago.
      And the image you've attached is the samples of Pang-Ju.

      There was an vote for the customer's taste and at last
      we've decided to release Bat Devil and Strawberry bubble.

      The possibility of releasing the rest of sample is not confirmed yet.
      We will let you know the latest news on our BJD here as quick as possible.

      Thank you again and have a very nice day.
    16. You can meet Bat Devil Pang! and Strawberry Bubble Pang! at the 2008 New York Toy Fair.
      I will post some pictures when prepared.
      Have a good day everybody~~~
    17. how do we order them? Can the car be purchased too?

      Im really confused about ordering too. Are they definatley made from resin?
    18. are these scheduled to ship soon?