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hello^^ This is D-storic !

Mar 20, 2012

    1. Oh my, I was hoping this mold will be released again. And 2 'new' skin colors!!! I hope I'll be able to 'adopt' one soon:)
      Will you expect to have Korean Tan some day as well in you store?
    2. Hello ^^

      we also happy to release Dandelion again~!
      Hope to many customers give her the "love"

      we have not plan about Korea Tan skin now but it will update on event period ^^
      Thank you for attention !!
    3. Hi :)

      KIng size (60cm) head N609 (charisma Narin) and 610 (Nature Narae),
      Queen size (50cm) Neferti head is updated in our D-storic!

      Thank you for attention ^^

      http://d-storic.com/shop/step1.php?number=26 610 (Nature Narae),

      http://d-storic.com/shop/step1.php?number=25 N609 (charisma Narin),

      http://d-storic.com/shop/step1.php?number=24 Neferti head


      * Event is in progress !

      We are going to provide ultra clear (MATT) made in SMP house to Customer who purchase head .
      (limited 50 people)
    4. There's no white skin option for Narae at the moment?
    5. HEllo^^

      we have not plan of White skin resin but it may be sale event period :)

      Thank you for attention !
    6. What body can be suit with KIng size (60cm) head??
    7. Hello^^

      we still not update 60cm(King) & 50cm (Queen) body

      but we are going to prepare to update. (it takes time maybe)

      Neferti is be compatible with Volks DD Body, GrBody.
      (*Neferti is originally have not body : Bimong doesn't make Neferti's Body.)

      It's not sure good matches of Narin & Narae with Volks DD Body, GrBody
      because there heads are small .

      Thank you for attention !
    8. Are you sending outstanding orders before processing new ones? I have been waiting a year for my doll.
    9. Will you be releasing these heads in realskin?
    10. HEllo^^

      sorry for late reply~!

      we are answered your question on O&A :)

      Please check ^^ Thank you!
    11. HEllo^^

      you can possible to purchase N609 / N610 heads in realskin either ^^

      Thank you !
    12. Hi! Would you consider selling the Dandelion body alone (without the head)?

    13. The head that fits on dandelion is rook head?
    14. Hello ^^

      # Really sorry about delayed shipping
      It's beacuse stuck of shipping boxes.
      we are waiting box is coming - It's arrived next week
      today argently received 10 boxes from another company.
      * Box is changed design and size.
      It take time due to the order of new box
      so tomorrow we are going to shipping 10 package !

      # Information about dandelions independence
      When it's difficult to Independence or sit please pull tension.

      # Dear to customer of Art-bimong.com and Victim of Dollfair.
      we know customers so dispointed and really upset.
      we understand customers feeling of waiting dolls .
      and also understand customers get angry due to long waiting .
      so D-storic do our best to prepare quick shipping !
      after dollfair incident many customers are losing trust of Artist Bimong and his dolls.
      But D-storic is determined try once again restore customer's "Trust" of Bimong's sculptures
      even if there are many trouble.

      Someone says Art-bimong.com changed name to D-storic
      and someone says D-storic is being delayes shipping.
      D-storic is not the same company as Art-bimong.com.
      D-storic.com completely separate from the Art-Bimong.com not relevant.

      and also D-storic is not a large-scale companies.
      so it can be little delayed shipping and late pruduction then another big company
      but We always try to understand how you feel Waiting for the doll , as much as possible.
      and also we do our best to send doll to costomer as soon as possible every day
      and we are try Quick send if there is No make up and No option .
      (in stock of dolls shipping fist)

      Delayed dolls are Art-biong.com 's responsibility It's not D-storic's.
      D-storic just shipping doll of Art-Bimong.com that may have not shipping forever..
      Please ask a lot of encouragement and cheer.
    15. Hi D-Storic,

      Could you please answer my question? I was wondering if the Dandelion body might be available for purchase without the head in the future?

    16. HEllo^^

      It's possible to purchase Dandelion's only head or boby ^^
      Thank you ~~!!
    17. Thank you! How much would Dandelion's body alone cost please?
    18. Hello^^

      sorry for late reply~!
      Dandelion's seperate body and head still not determine price

      we are going to notice as soon as possible!
      thank you for attention ~! :)