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Hellwis Workshop

Jun 25, 2019

    1. I'm making a thread because just made my first payment installment and would love to see more discussion about this artist, especially since apparently some people have recieved their dolls!

      Artist Links:

      Current dolls:
      Sahit (30cm lizard anthro)
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      Last edited: Jun 28, 2020
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    2. Thank you for posting about these, if the artist is still accepting orders, I will be ordering one!
      #2 nattherat, Jun 25, 2019
      Last edited: Jul 29, 2020
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    3. Oh my, she is gorgeous! And the resin colors offered are so pretty! *_*
    4. Ohh those are beautiful, I'm definitely going to follow them now :D
      Thank you for posting this
    5. When I ordered it seemed like they were still open, but it doesn't hurt to make sure!

      somewhat relatedly, I am in awe of the grace of jointing and detailwork on that scale. It's so delicate!
    6. How did you order btw? I sent an Instagram DM and an email, so I hope one gets through!
    7. I ordered through email, though also sent an insta message to make sure the mail wasn't missed. Discussion through email was pretty prompt after they got back from a doll con.
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    8. The Moderation team hasn't reviewed this artist or their dolls yet, this thread is being locked pending our review.
    9. Hi everyone! :) I am happy to report that Sahit is on topic for DoA!
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    10. Exciting! :) Thank you! With that I can happily say that I paid my deposit on one. I am very excited!
    11. Awesome! I hope this empowers some of the people who already have one to post here. I'd love to see more pictures while waiting for mine :)
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    12. I paid mine off earlier this week! So now I'm just waiting for her to ship and get to me and I'm so excited :) I fell in love with Sahit immediately when she was first posted on insta last year and have been obsessively waiting to get one since.

      What's everyone's plans for theirs, and what color did you get? Mine will be loosely based on my Skyrim Argonian, and she's in a grey/blue color. Don't know exactly how I'm gonna paint her yet, but I got time. She and my Rumpeldoll Abby will be adventurers together, and I'm looking forward to making them their gear.

      I hope more people will post their Sahit when they get them! She's just too dang cool :D
    13. Congratulations! Argonians are awesome - and the Sahit sculpt will be a wonderful representation, I'm sure! I can imagine a greyish blue looking really good with the resin details too. Have you thought about clothing options yet? It's one of the things that I'm a bit concerned about. I generally make my own doll clothes, but the body type Sahit has is quite different than what I'm used to lol

      Mine is going to be a dark grey, and a companion to my lighter gray Spirit Imprint "She Is A Dragon" sculpt. I'm hoping to have multiple fantasy dolls on the 30cm range to act as a Fae court of some sorts in contrast to my SD-scaled human dolls.
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    14. Clothing wise, I was planning on attempting to make some light armor and maybe looser fitting fantasy based clothing. Not fully sure yet, but I want to not cover up too much of her body or hinder her posing too much so it's definitely going to be tricky. She's gonna be a challenge for sure!

      Ohh yes, I saw her and thought she'd make a great companion to Sahit! It'll be super cool to see your two together. And I love the idea of a fae court. That will be really fun to collect for. I'm debating eventually one of the small Bardo Research girls as another companion to my little band of adventurers as they're also in the size range.
    15. Сan't wait to get my own!
    16. What color did you pick? I love that she offers almost anything you could want!

      Also what heads did everyone pick? I'm getting both open and closed mouths, though that open one is my fave :D
    17. Can’t afford to do it right now bit really want to see some of these painted & finished. It’s such an awesome sculpt! We need more lizard people!
    18. I got the message that my doll is going to be the next one cast after Hellwis finished up the current one, and I'm quite exited! I'll make sure to update you all here as I get more information. I've been working on more stuff for my other lizard lady and can't wait to start making clothes for my Sahit too when she arrives :)

      I have no idea how I'll want to have her painted - maybe something pretty plain, because the sculpt is so striking by itself already. I also hate the idea of having chipping body blush, and feel like it would be strange to have dramatic faceups but no body blushing...
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    19. @captnklaus, I paid for the doll in June and choose with two heads and two horns. At the moment, I've no ideas on clothes and weapons for her. This is a trial casting of part of my doll:
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    20. Oh wow @abris did you go with a pearlescent color? It looks so nice!! She's going to look gorgeous.

      I've got an update on my girl finally. She's been shipped! No idea how long it'll take for her to get here but I'm so excited :D