!Help! Can Minifee Head fit SoulDoll Body?

Apr 23, 2009

    1. I have a spare souldoll body lying around. I really like the minifee heads & am curious if anyone knows or has experience with the minifee & souldoll hybrids??
      Or perhaps you can link me to any information.

      I have a minifee head on hold & need answers quickly, i dont want to make the poor lady wait too long for my reply.

      Thank You a million times over for your help *hugs* <3
    2. I have a minifee head on a souldoll double mini girl body and the resin color and fit look pretty good---just need a neck piece for the head (or come up with something that will work-- I made mine from femo (bakeable clay) and sanded it down until it fit the way I wanted it to)

      So---yes the size is right--but you will need something for the neckpiece regardless of the body you use.

      edit: oh--and they are both Normal skin
    3. You can always purchase the MNF neckpieces from Fairyland as well. They cost $10 the last time I checked (last year) and you just mention in the "Comments" section when the woman puts the order in that you would like a Normal Skin Minifee Neckpiece and Fairyland will add it to your invoice.
    4. Thanx guys.
      Its a sould doll kid body & a minifee head, if that makes a difference, i realized i forgot that part (:
    5. Can someone link me to the neck piece, i cant find it
    6. There isn't a link for the neckpiece specifically I'm sad to say... I've got two I'm waiting for in a group order and the person placing the order was super nice and added a a comment so they can add a couple of minifee neckpieces in for me.

      You can see the neckpiece on the necks of the bodies they have here


      They are $10 each

      after searching the den I found other makeshift neckpieces


      and there are several different souldoll mini kid bodies...one a little on the chunky side which they stopped selling ages ago, one that was a little more slender which they stopped selling after they came out with the double body, the double which is long and even more slender and double jointed, and the new general body which is supposed to have the same measurements as the double jointed body without the double joints.

      I've got a slightly chunky body souldoll girl (a Katie) and a double body with a MNF shiwoo elf head with a homemade neckpiece and I'm still working on carving another neckpiece for a MNF Lishe since I bought her head and body separately without a neckpiece (while I wait patiently for the group order to come in)

      This one is for the SD sized Luts CP dolls that take neckpieces (these do NOT fit the minifees) but you can see what they look like not attached to a body