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Help!-Doll Clothes for Serendipty Cumi-sized doll

Apr 18, 2006

    1. Ok, so my cumi doll should be coming soon, and the one website I was told that had clothes that fit her just told me that all their items are out of stock...naturally. :( so I need to know who makes clothes that would fit cumi. As I understand it, she's about 5-5'5 inches. The kind of clothes I'm looking for are little dresses, especially more old fashioned looking ones. Nothing modern. Though I can sew a bit, I would need patterns to try to sew anything for a doll so small, and rather doubt my ability to do sewing for anything that small, anyhow, so I would prefer something I can buy. So are there any similiar sized dolls or websites that any of you know about? Any help would be appreciated, as this is my first tiny tiny, besides Uriel! thanks! :)
    2. I can't find Cumi's measurements, but if she is about the same size as Serendipity Aga Fairies (Cookie, Candy, etc.) then this link has pictures of an Aga wearing Wee Patsy dresses.


      She might also be able to wear Pocket Fairy clothes - I don't know but someone else will.

      Do you happen to have Cumi's measurements?

    3. She's not actually here yet, but some of the comparison pics show that she's almost the same size as Aga fairies, but has slightly longer legs.
    4. Margarita Rosa makes clothing that fits Cumi....she's a member here. Cumi is taller than Aga, and a lot of it is leg, so be careful of Aga pants. She will fit in Kelly dresses as longer tops, and pants will go on but be waaaaaay too short. She's kind of slim for PF stuff, from what I've tried on her.

      In this pic, she's wearing a Kelly dress as a top, and Margarita jeans

      This one is Kelly capris and dress...note the length
    5. Adding my recommendations for Margarita Rosa....!
      What was the website that had Cumi sized clothes?? Inquiring minds want to know! ;0) I have bought some Boneka dresses that fit Cumi well...UFDC website has some and also www.afdoll.com used to have clothes that fit Jane Davies and are aprox. the same size as Cumi...I would think any outfits that fit Kish Ellery would also be in a similar range-though I haven't tried any of those yet.
    6. BTW - Where do you buy Cumi? I can't find her even at sites with Serendipity and AG.

    7. I remember Margarita mentioned it was an Amazon.com store - you do some search and lo-and-behold - there it is...maybe "serendipitydolls" in some permutation...:ablah:

      Some time later to edit:
      FOUND IT in the den archives!
      Though I need to see if it has anything useful...

      Nevermind - it's crap.

      *searches some more* back to edit again...

      Valli had this link somwhere in the tiny forum:
      which at least gives you pictures...
    8. It looks like they might not actually have any dolls at all for sale right now since you can't get there from one step back in artist dolls.

    9. I gather from louisemariellen's most recent post in News that they've backed out of the Amazon venue. I got the feeling that the demand may have overwhelmed the makers? The post is http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59001

      Hopefully they'll open an English store soon, I love Cumi and would get another version if she was offered.
    10. I make clothes for Cumi. I dont have anythingAvailable at the Moment- But hope to shortly.
      I also make fur wigs that fit her. She looks really cute in them.
      Here she is in my Sweet Pink Wig

      You can see more wigs for her in my Store link
    11. Just to boost the thread !