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Help-- Dollndoll not answering emails or acknowledging payment!

Feb 27, 2007

    1. I ordered a basic Shade on Feb.16. I received the stock 'we received your order' email from them. I wasn't sure how to pay, so I went ahead and sent payment to the address listed on their site from Paypal. Since then I have heard nothing from them, and I've emailed them twice to ask if they received my Paypal. Everything I've read about them says they are reputable, good communicators, etc, but I have heard nothing! I am getting a little worried. :( Has anyone else heard from them recently?

      I'm going to go post an question on their Q&A board too...
    2. Is there any chance that your email may be blocking responses from them? or that they may just have been busy from the recent holiday?
    3. Did you include the order number with your payment?
    4. When I paid, I sent a Paypal and included my username for their site & my order number. I got like, three random auto-messages from them. Could be that your e-mail is blocking their address.

      (On the other hand, I get nothing from Luts at all).
    5. Yup. I included my order # with my Paypal payment. I checked my trash folder, nothing there either...
      sigh. I do hope they were just closed over the New Year holidays, and will answer soon!
    6. When I ordered from DollnDoll in Jan., I recieved an email after I placed my order, and another email when it shipped. I never received an email for my payment. The order status in the My Account section was my only update info (it took a while for the payment received to show up, too). My order took 3 weeks total. What does your order status say when you login in at DollnDoll?
    7. I posted on their Q&A board, and they said that yes, they received my payment, and Shade should ship in a couple weeks. So I guess I never received the email, and everything is OK. It seems that Dollndoll is a great company-- I will just have to sit back and be patient for a while! (and a 2-3 week wait is nothing compared to the nearly 2.5 month wait for my CH Cebee!)
    8. 2.5 month wait?! Eeek.
      Glad to see that you got your order worked out. :)