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Help! Ebay seller dollsnbeans! RESOLVED

Oct 4, 2007

    1. I bought a serendipity lovely freyja from this ebay store, on the 30th, and i payed immediately. I then messaged the seller enquiring when she would mail the item out, and could i have my tracking number for the item (international priority mail comes with a tracking number according to the USPS website), and i have not heard back from them. I have now sent her three messages, and she has responded to none of them.
      Has anyone had anything like this happen? Do they usually not respond to messages? Did you get your item in the end? How long did they take to ship out?

      EDIT: she has since emailed me, the doll was sent out monday, and should be with me any day now. Thanks to all who helped calm me, and thanks to Karen for getting back to me!
    2. It looks like they don't have any negative feedback, so I doubt if it's a scammer. There's lots of reasons why someone might not respond (lost internet access, sickness, etc.) so I wouldn't worry about it just yet. Unfortunately I haven't dealt with them personally, so I can't be much help. :sweat
    3. yeah, i'm not really worried its a scammer, they have a website and are quite reputable, i am just wondering why they aren't responding?
    4. There could be spam blocking issues or ISP issues and whatnot (on their end, and possibly yours if they run their own email servers etc). If you do need to get a hold of them since you're in a transaction with them, you can get their registered phone number with the item number and using this link:


      If you have Skype or some other free Voip program or other try giving their number a call. If it seems like the number is out of country or a different time zone you might want to keep that in mind :)
    5. dollsnbeans is a legit seller and they have an actual doll store (Contemporary Doll Shoppe). My experience is they are very slooooow to respond to emails, but eventually you will get a reply and there should not be a problem with getting your doll.
    6. ok, thats brilliant, thanks very much for all your help guys, i'll just have to learn to be patient it seems!
    7. I've ordered from them before - quite recently, in fact - and my items arrived very quickly. I don't think you have anything to worry about :) What time of the day did you try to e-mail them? Maybe they just haven't started their business day yet.
    8. Thanks Krissy, and as i'm in the UK, i am fairly sure i sent the messages at a time when any sane person in the USA would be asleep. However, it has been a few days, so time difference or not, i would have thought she'd have got it by now. oh well, i'll just have to wait.
    9. I have purchased from them as well and yes, they are very bad about not responding to emails with tracking numbers. I did get my doll but I never got the tracking number I requested 3 times.
    10. yeah, i wish she would give me the tracking number, we're having another spate of postal strikes in the UK, and i would feel a lot safer if i could monitor her progress online!
    11. i ordered from them my only complain is that they never left me feedback even when i asked for it :( i paid right away no reason not to ohh well........
    12. pixie-blue- i LOVE your avatar, soooo cute!!!! but yeah, they aren't very communicative, and i finally got my tracking number, but it hasn't changed since the 1st, and that was that it had been accepted at the post office in the USA!
    13. I'm glad your issue was resolved! I will be looking forward to seeing your new girl! I have a Lovely Freyja coming home soon, too (from Dolls and Friends)!