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Help finding other Happy Doll Elf Milles out there!

Nov 5, 2016

    1. Hi,
      this is Cho-Cho, a Happy Doll Elf Mille. Sometime in the last few years all evidence of her 'relatives' seems to have disappeared! I am not finding her anywhere! No mention- no pics- they are all gone and it is so bizarre! I have seen pictures of her- I know someone who has one (we compared them at a doll show!) but now- I was trying to look up her measurements- the official (so I don't have to do math) ones and nuttin'. Not DOA- not Google- not any other boards- *poof*! Gone! What happened to happy Doll? Where is her old family? Does anyone else here have a Elf Mille? Did I type the wrong name all those years ago? What the heck?? She has adorable dimples and she and Bongy are dimple sisters :)
      Thank you in advance!
      Zanny and Cho-Cho

      On the far right (Here with Sharmin and Tiffee many years ago....)
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    2. Bumpity! Anyone?
    3. I'm pretty sure I never saw anyone else buy one besides you. She was on my wishlist but I was still a student when she was available.

      I'm still sad I sold my Carrie, I love the Happydoll mini bodies.
    4. @QZanny, I own a Happydoll Mill, who I bought from Dolls & Friends online 10 years ago. I'm glad I did, because I never really saw any others, and Happydoll itself went away in 2009. A few years back, someone saw my Mill on my BJD photo stories website and wanted to know if I would sell her; she'd been looking high and low for one!

      Yours is darling, and I love the photo with her gal pals, who're also long-gone sculpts. <3
    5. I wondered what happened. There is nothing out there! :( Grace of GraceFaire also has one. We talked about them a few times at the Puyallup doll shows.I'd love to see pics of yours beamlette, if you still have some? She is one of my very faves <3 So good to know something anyway!
    6. @QZanny, sadly, I don't have a lot of pictures of my Mill, but I did find this one from earlier this year --


      And she has a photo story on my BJD website, along with her little sister, a Happydoll Teenie --

      "What a Pretty New Easter Dress, Sophie..."

      Mine has a Happydoll default face-up, which is a little pale, but I've grown to like it :) Did your Mill come blank, and did you do her face-up? She looks more sophisticated than my Mill -- and definitely a grown-up version of Bong Sun Wha ;)
    7. Oh that is darling! :) Ours came blank.. I love the red hair :) ChoCho had black mohair for many years but now it is white. She has such a kind face <3 [​IMG]