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Help, i need a body!

Jun 21, 2011

    1. Recently, me & my friend when TDA @ SG and he won a custom house doll head and he gave it to me. Now, i need a body, but it seem that custom house has close down their site as i had problem logging in. So now, i need to get a body for him. (As you know custom house doll head are smaller then others.)

      Can anyone pls reccommand me a body?
    2. What size/mould is the head so we can advise you correctly?
    3. Actually i only know its an Tiny, but i don't know which model it belong too. i would take a picture and post it up later at night. i'm so sorry for the lack of info. =)
    4. i think it was a ch gaby if i'm not wrong? but i didnt really get a good look at the head while it was on display at TDA.
    5. Your head is a CH Gaby, which is an Ange Ai and Customhouse's TINY line, so of course their heads will be smaller. ;) You can try sourcing for the CH Ange Ai body on the market here, or look into hybriding, which should be easy since it's a yoSD size head. Take a look at maybe InfinitiDoll, Volks, or Luts. If I am not wrong the skin tone is in the same range.
    6. so what that skin your doll own?
      I'd preffer SSDF(LUTS) is really good.
    7. My friend has two Ange Ais and their body is very similar to my Honey Delf, resin match isn't too bad either (I have a CH doll body here ;)) And the HDF body is much nicer than CH's body :XD:
    8. A Super Senior Delf body for a Customhouse tiny head....? I think that is being overly optimistic, box-of-egg!
    9. I have quite a few customhouse dolls from various order periods.
      The most recent ones are almost like a white skin. The older ones match volks normal skintone rather well.
      Do you know when the head was made?
    10. Yeah that's definitely a Gaby.

      Try Luts Honey Delf, or Infinitidoll UID.
    11. Ok, Sure. Thks alot.
    12. Should this little one be make as a Boy or A Girl? I can't decide wheather to make him a boy or a girl...
    13. It doesn't matter, those bodies have no gender.
    14. O...ok, Thks alot for the help... ^.^