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Help me dress my Volks SD17, What can he wear?

Jun 27, 2007

    1. Does anyone know if Reisner wears the same size shoes as SD13 or SD16 boys? I can't find seem to find a measurement listed anywhere.
      Thank You,

      And added July 10th
      Any Reisner owner out there .... if you'd be so kind as to measure your boy's waist for me and the length of his leg from (inside) crotch to floor, I'd appreciate it. I'm waiting for mine to arrive and am hoping to have some clothes ready for when he gets here. Love that pirate outfit but he'll need more than that!
      Thanks so much.
    2. Thanks, I saw that pic too ... and I think that Yukinojo can fit into some SD13 shoes ... so I'm wondering if that would work for Reisner.
      I'm waiting for him to arrive and Volks is having that sale Saturday. I saw 2 pairs I'd love to get for him ...minght have to get them anyway and then just see.
    3. well~~~~i dont know if sd16 can fit into sd13. i dont own a sd16 but i do have a pair of his shoes!
      and trust me they look bigger in person (i could make a baby look kick ass in those shoes)
    4. I've fit souldoll SD13 shoes on Reisner. He has much smaller feet than they look - just a smidge over 2 inches. His shoes however measure 4 inches in length. Clown shoes.... or rather Kingdom Heart shoes. XD
    5. aww reisner buys bigger shoes to make up for his small parts :{
    6. I have seen someone jammed an Isao boots onto Reisner in a Yahoo!japan auction. ^^;;;;

      The h.Naoto boots is loose on my SD16 boy though. I have a friend who has Reisner and SD13, while I have SD16, I'll talk to her about it and get back to you? 8D (yeshu, Volks is manufacturing loose toe ends shoes for them, I dunno why. But they do have the tightest fitting shoes too *gets confused and smacks self*)
    7. ChriseeV
      I have a pair of SD16 shoes too (not those). MY SD13 long legged boy wears them all the time and although they're a little big on his foot, they don't look like clown shoes.
      Thanks for the pic reference.

      'aww reisner buys bigger shoes to make up for his small parts'
      I hope it's not that small! I mean those shoes are really huge. I bought this guy to be Olivia's man ... not boy - lol.

      Thanks, that's good to know ... especially since i don't see too much available for this new guy on the Volks site. I know his default shoes are incredibly huuuuge. Was that your Reisner I saw at the NY Dolpa?

      I can believe that - but then Isao's boot are pretty big.
      Thanks for your help.
    8. I stuck my SD17 boy into a pair of girly-looking SD13 boy shoes from Angelregion. There were not loose on my SD13, the fit is about the same on my SD17... After this I'm planning to get some SD13 boy shoes for my SD17 boy.

      ...Yeah, I'm pretty surprised, myself ^^;;

      Uhh, if it makes any difference, the shoes I tried were Maryjanes and... a different pair of Maryjanes. Both were from Angelregion, and both fit fine.

      (p/s - I'm the friend shirou_oh_sakura was talking about XD )

      EDIT: pic below, and his foot size is roughly 8cm, give or take a cm (I'm kinda bad at measuring stuff XD;; )

    9. jinlin
      Holy cow - who would've thunk that! - lol.
      OK so he fits into Sd13 Girl shoes, amazing. So he should easily be able to share with the boys in my house. Thanks so much. This is super important since his default shoes look so big ( I think they're way cool but, don't think he'll be able to wear them everyday, like with jeans).
      So thanks much.
    10. ~Oh, it should be SD13 BOY!! BOY!!, I guess I forgot to write that part! ^^;; (the shoes only *look* girly...)

    11. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Those shoe like something I would've worn as a little girl for Easter - lol. They're cute but at first glance i did thing girl.
      -Thanks Am
    12. Yuppers that was my boy and me. I'm also the blonde Rachel roped along to help Monday morning. :kitty2
    13. Yea... momentary lapse there. ^^;; I think those are intended to be girl shoes; for some reason Angelregion shoes of whatever style can be ordered in any of their three sizes. Usually my boys wear these with aristocrat clothing, when boots or whatever else won't work.

    14. I thought so ... well thanks for carrying around that big boy - all the way to Dolpa. Was great to see him in person. And thanks for schlepping the boxes too.
    15. Any Reisner owner out there .... if you'd be so kind as to measure your boy's waist for me and the length of his leg from (inside) crotch to floor, I'd appreciate it. I'm waiting for mine to arrive and am hoping to have some clothes ready for when he gets here. Love that pirate outfit but he'll need more than that!
      Thanks so much.
    16. So . . . my Reisner is not a pirate. He needs clothes! XD He can wear a lot of my SD13 boy size shirts . . . but PANTS are another story! The slim-fitting SD13 long-leg boy V-jeans I tried on him are at least an inch too short and a tad too tight to button. :(

      Fellow Reisner owners and lovers, do you have any suggestions for my poor pants-less boy? Really, he looks terribly undignified now, wearing only a foofy pirate shirt and with a pink Yo-SD bunny blanket thrown over his lap for modesty (hey, it was there!). >.< And has anyone tried SD16 boy clothes on their Reisner?

      Any help would be very appreciated! :)
    17. SD13 boy pants are a bit hit and miss as he is just a wee bit fatter around the hip area, but his proportions are roughly the same, and his legs are roughly the same width around and only a little bit longer. If you can get long-legged pants that really ARE made to look good on long-legged boys but aren't meant to be uber tight at the waist, that's your best bet IMHO. Volks "long-legged" pants aren't always the best choice because they don't always really seem to understand that most people want their pants to reach the ground. So they make normal pants to reach the top of the ankles on normal boys, and long pants to reach the top of the ankles on long-legged boys. As a result, long pants look good on normal boys and you have to buy from dealers and not Volks to get pants that look good on long-legged boys. I think the same holds true for Reisner. (This is all totally IMHO btw. ^^)

      I have quite a few pairs of 'long-legged' pants for SD13 boys that fit comfortably on Reisner and look good on him without being too short. But these are all pants that I've gotten from dealers or online shops or whatever, not pants from Volks. I can only suggest that you shop around at places other than Volks. ;) Also aim for slightly loose pants unless you are certain that the fabric is stretchy.

      Also as a note of reference: Reisner is slightly broader around the shoulders/chest than SD13 boys, but a fair bit slimmer around the waist. This means that while he fits most SD13 boy shirts, he will fill them out at the top but they will be loose at the bottom. This is a particularly interesting effect with tight tank tops and other form-fitting shirts. ;) His arms are also apparently roughly 1.5cms longer so overlong shirt sleeves are better.

      Btw, I have some SD16 boy jeans in the mail, if you like I will let you know what the fit is like when they arrive. The SD16 boy is still shorter than Reisner but he's certainly closer in height than either SD13 boy! ;)
    18. Well, my boy manage to look good in a senior delf knit top I got from Luts and a black pants from Volks meant for long-leg boy. However, if you are looking at him wearing it while seated in a slouching position then the pants will be too short.
    19. Reisner can wear SD16 clothes and pants :)
      It fits him really well, and clothes for Senior Delf is OK too

      My Yukinojo shares all his clothes with my Reisner...XD