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Help me find him :(

Aug 19, 2009

    1. I have no idea where else to look. I have an MSD and want to get her a guy! But I don't want him to be outrageously taller than her (because she's 43.5 cm, and I would SO just get a souldoll double[63cm] for her if I didn't care so much... ;_; )

      I want a guy who's about 45-55cm and doesn't look like a child -_-''

      Any help??

      I thought about putting a double head on a smaller body, but I didn't know how that would turn out... knowing me - horrible...
    2. I know DoDs DoC guys are 45... O_o I dont know if they have the look you want tho
    3. Latidolls blue line's boys are 46cm
      Angel of Dream's are also 46, same with the Iplehouse JID boys :)
    4. DollZone's Male MSDs are about 45 cm.
    5. :D Thank you all for putting me on the right track!! I think I'm closer to finding him! :D :D
    6. Maybe it's a bit tall for her but DIM boys have 47,5cm o.o Ace and Alpon have more mature faces, and Jullis too but he's more child look than the other two. There are more 2 boys but they look really childish.

      Take a look ^^ Ace's my love!!
    7. i second dz boys.
    8. Luts Junio Delf is around 55cm... They are not really mini size but considered large size though, but the height difference is prolly gonna be cute.