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Help! Mini Fee Leg Cracks! *pics* New pic added on page 2

Nov 26, 2006

    1. Oh god, I am horrified right now...

      I was cleaning off Riku's body blushing when I noticed a crack in one of his knees... I inspected it and noticed it went all the way through. I was so freaked out I set the leg aside and looked at the other leg... in about the same place is a crack as well! Not as deep as the other, but horrifying...

      I don't play rough with him... He isn't strung that tight... Duae can vouch for me that I treat him like a child...

      The only things I have done differently with him recently were that I removed his pliver suede and replaced it with hot glue sueding, but I used low temp glue sticks in a low temp glue gun. I have been removing the hot glue sueding for a while, and never noticed these before!

      The resin is so thin in that area... I am really terrified that they will grow... One leg isn't too easy to see when just looking at the leg, but the other really is...

      What could have caused them...? Do they not look too bad? Am I safe? Are they not going to spread? If they will, how do I fix them? I got Riku in July, so he isn't that old, either! :...(



      Edit: Luts' reply is located here and a picture of Riku's current condition is located here.

      Riku also made a photostory to thank everyone...
    2. Wow wow wow! O___O That's horrible! I love Riku! D: Hmmm. I would suggest posting something on the Q&A board and ask them about it. But, if they can't do anything, you could always buy another boy body...T___T POOR RIKU!
    3. Yikes!! :o
      After weeing this I went to check my MNF boy, but he doesn't have that.

      So they appeared just recently then? I hope someone can come up with something to help!

      Has anyone expericienced anything like this??

      Don't panic, let's hope it won't grow. Have you posted in their Q&A section? maye they can help!
      *hugs Kyrie Arashi* Best of luck with this!
    4. I remember seeing someone who's boy had a huge crack in his back and someond suggested filling it with epoxy to stop it from getting bigger. I don't know if that will help with these, but maybe it's worth a shot?
      I hope your boy gets better! *gives you luck*
    5. Gah o_o;;

      I hope the cracks didnt form due to the unusual weather NC is getting...cold to hot hot to cold....who can keep up.
    6. Oh god if it is weather related I am going to cry... ;-;

      I just put him back together and I noticed that it was almost like the ball joint is pushing on it causing stress in that area. I am beginning to think that the hot glue suede wasn't thin enough and put too much stress on it... but it was as thin as I could possibly get it... I have since taken it out.

      I'm going to post on Luts' form now... ;-; wish me luck...
    7. My MNF boy has cracks similar to those in about the same places in his legs, and one on his ankle also, and he's had them for quite awhile(about 3 months now). I don't know what caused them either, and I was really scared for him when I saw them also, but he's had them for a while and they don't seem to have gotten any worse, and I also try and handle him as gently as I can.

      So I don't think they should be anything worth having a panic attack over, as long as you make sure not to handle him too roughly.

      Also, reinforcing the cracks with epoxy, like someone mentioned, should more or less keep them from growing. I've yet to get my hands on some, but from what others have said it should work out okay.

      So don't panic too much! ^^; My boy's had similar cracks for a while and he's just fine, so your boy should be okay too. ^__^
    8. oh man, i'm sorry to hear this! poor riku! now i'm all scared about yumi! let's hope you can sort it out!
    9. My boy has a BIG crack on his ankle, and all I did was put some super glue on it and squeeze it together. You can still kind of see it, but it hasn't been a problem at all since. ^^
    10. wow, so then this is like a common thing in MNFs? I have checked my boy, I don't see a thing, but... I better keep an eye on his legs and ankles!

      I hope everything turns out ok, Kyrie! And to all of you with cracked MiniFees ;_;
    11. Phew, I am glad other have had the problem not get worse... It still worried me, though, considering what an important part of the body the legs are... ;-;

      I posted on Luts, so hopefully they will post back soon... I would really just want a leg replacement... it seems like if the entire body was, it wouldn't feel like he was really Riku...

      I just remembered something. I went to The Doll Market the other day and one of his legs hung really loosely. Sure enough it is the one with the larger crack...

      I sanded down the seam on the ball joint hoping it would take off some of the strain on the joint, but there is still a seperation in the crack.

      How would I go about putting super glue in it without it being noticible or in the way of the ball joint?

      ...and something about the term "cracked minifees" made me giggle... Am I a bad parent? XD
    12. You might could ask the company you bought him from if they would replace that one part of the leg and you could restring him up yourself or have someone maybe from DOA restring him for you.

      If they wont or can't do that, then you could take some epoxy sculpt and rub some on the inside of the crack to reinforce it but on the inside of the leg so it wont show. That or mix up some clear resin from a craft store and just carefully paint a thin layer on the inside of the crack to reinforce it. It looks like a stress crack. Resins can pop like that.
    13. Great, I just got my MNF and I haven't even gotten to play with him yet (I'm waiting for his head to come back from getting his faceup) but now I'm nervous. Keep us updated on what Luts says!
    14. Omg Riku!! *hugs him & you* I love your doll, so thats just terrible! I hope it's nothing too bad, and that it doesn't get worse. Tell us what Luts says, yeah? ;_;
    15. I just got a reply on Luts' forum... They can't replace, but I assume this means they have a service to buy just the part you need:

      Hello dear kyriearash.

      Thank you for showing us the detail.

      Same happens on both of upper tighs? Thant's really sad happen.
      We feel sorry about that.

      I checked your order number, and found out it was past more than 3 months.

      Problems during the shippment, we would respond everything, but you were too old to replace it as shipping trouble... Sorry.

      We have credit assistance repair service, so I recomend to use that for your boy.

      For the price, please ask us one more time.

      Thank you.

      By the way, I just looked at Riku's legs and the one that was worse has gotten longer... :...(
    16. Oh man . . . I'm so sorry Kyrie. That is really horrible. I hope there is something you can do to fix it. I don't want to see Riku winding up in a wheelchair >_> . . .
      It seems like I've seen a few other people mentioning this problem with the larger CP dolls. But I think it had something to do with them having the version 2 body? I'm no expert on CP dolls, so I don't know if those problems could be related to the MNFs, too.
    17. Oh dear! That's a Mnf Shiwoo! Now I'm scared that that will happen to my baby! :o
    18. Having read this, I'm going to check Trys and see too, that's awful! Your poor boy! At least Luts is responding, I can sort of see why they have the policy they do, but it's still a horrible thing to happen!
    19. .... :...( I checked Riku's legs this morning... No progress on the smaller crack, but the other one is much longer and much wider... I am going to try using a toothpick to run some super glue into it...
    20. OH noooo!! ;_; *hugs Kyrie and Riku*

      mm, do you think that "credit assistance repair service" that Luts mention sells the extra parts or does it mean that you send them so they repair them?

      I certainly hope the super glue helps!! :(