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Help my indecision (yeah, another one of those threads)

May 13, 2008

    1. Ok, so I know I want a Mini sized doll. But I can't decide which one. I am looking for a sweet looking, not too young, versatile girl. And I really want to have a good quality doll, if I am going to spend about $500 on a doll, I don't want to have quality issues. Here are the ones I am considering, and some pros and cons, in my opinion (I'm sure there are more of each). I am not trying to bash any doll, these are merely my own opinions, and I really want some input from owners.

      MNF Shushu-
      -Sweet looking face
      -can be made to look a bit older, or younger (versatile)
      -great poseablilty
      -breasts are too big for my taste (but I could go for small bust)
      -I have heard of resin yellowing fairly quick, esp BW

      Narae (43cm)
      -I love her face!
      -Very versatile
      -lots of choice with face, makeup style etc
      -graceful looking
      -looks good in anything
      -poses well
      -again, resin problems with yellowing
      -can't decide if I like the new resin or not >.<
      -new knee joint problems

      Volks Mika
      -good quality Volks resin
      -Really cute face
      -Volks has great options, and customer service (seam sanding etc)
      -looks almost too young
      -not sure about posing and stability, I have read both good and bad

      Lati Blue (Cara, or Shaina)
      Pros & cons:
      not sure yet XD

      Does anyone have input, or can maybe direct me to a thread where this is already discussed. I have been doing lots of reading on this forum, and I am starting to go crosseyed from all the different things I have been reading ;).

      ETA: I have about a year, for saving money and such. Aaaand I am open to suggestions for other doll company sculpts.
    2. On the Narindoll "new" resin, the urethane is just an option-- you can still get your doll in French resin once it's made availible again.
    3. You will be able to choose old or new knees when your order your Narae.

    4. As far as I can see, you have the most pros for Narae and it seems that the cons you had for her, are now "vanished" thanks to Chienism and Annefia!
      And about that seam-sanding service from Volks. . . Narin Creative/Dollfair has that also. ;) Another pro for them!

      I guess the best thing for you to do right now is search for pictures a little bit more on DoA (databases are perfect for these!) and see who you think is the best for you.
      Wait and think about it good, because it is a big decision after all. ^_^
    5. I have dolls by three of those makers, and I have to say all dolls yellow, but if you keep them protected you can slow the process. I havent heard that CP dolls yellow more quickly than other brands. Narindolls is now putting UV protectant in their french resin, but that doesn't protect from yellowing due to excessive heat. the MNF bust is big and lifted up like they're in a push up bra. the Lati Blue bust isn't pushed together but it's not a small bust by any means. I'd say the MNF and Lati bust are about the same size. the smaller MNF bust is more natural looking. You have several slim minis and then a Volks MSD on your list. Don't get me wrong, I think Mika is adorable but she is very child like compared to the others. it's not just her bust line--her whole body proportions are different. I'm sure you can find comparisons on DOA. She doesn't wear the same clothes as MNF/Narae/Lati Blue.
    6. Yep, I do love Narae the best, I have to admit. I was just worried about the things I have heard. And being able to justify the cost. I am hoping they don't raise her price too much. However, I will have to admit there is a certain "something" about Narae that I don't feel about other dolls. I guess I will have to wait and see what comes out when I have the money saved up.
    7. My first MSD was a Narae. I just love her. She was a great great choice for my first. She is the Tan french resin and I have had her since last October and she shows no sign of yellowing yet, so I guess the mix into the resin is working so far. My firend has the old Tan and her Narae has yellowed quite badly.
    8. I'm thinking if I do go with Narae (which is where I am currently leaning), I will get tan, though I don't know if I want French resin, or urethane.
    9. There absolutely IS a certain something with Naraes! :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea After all, it seems to me like most Narae owners buy more and more Naraes. They're just addictive! :lol:

      And with the different resin options, skin colors, face plates and knee joints there's a while lot to choose between to get a doll that fits you taste.

      It will be exciting tomorrow when Dollfair opens up again! (Not I don't plan to buy a second Narae... no yet. :lol: I'm sure I will at SOME time though)

    10. Thank you everyone. Annefia, your girl is one of the ones that made me fall for Narae! They are all so beautiful, and it is such an unconventional, ethereal beauty. :aheartbea
    11. Go with whomever makes your heart beat the fastest! I made the mistake of not getting my first love first because I wanted a doll that was quick and easy to get and relatively inexpensive. I sold her as soon as she came and ended up putting a Narin and Narae down on layaway - my dream dolls... that was 2-3 years ago? And I still love the company. :aheartbea

      Also, have you seen the new Iplehouse girls? Currently the limited editions are only available, but soon the basic line will be out. They have a beautiful sculpt and are great posers. When they do release the basic you'll find them in the "J.I.D. Basic" section.
    12. Thanks! I had no idea. Now Isa will be very happy! :D

    13. Thank you for sharing your experience! I will go with the one I like most ;). Even if she is not as easy to get and may cost more $$ than the others. Also, I had seen those girls, because of your siggy lol. They are really amazing looking. I wonder how their basic set will look.
    14. Hi Isa! I'm glad she is happy.
    15. Well, on the topic of Shushu, I'll agree on the resin yellowing rather quickly, although I blame that in part on her habit of sitting out on a shelf all day before her wicked bag (courtesy of DraconicMaiden) came along. XD And even "small" bust looks fairly large, they simply look more natural (on the B-line body). The A-line form looks a little more differential in size, but not by much. :sweat Another con is that-- and I'm not sure if this stands with A-line-- the legs are VERY kicky, although that may just be a handful of us (myself included). In addition to your collected pros for Shushu, may I reaffirm everything mentioned, and add that Shushu is an addiction? XD I bought my Shushu because she was perfect for a character, and now I've realized that if I ever was to change her for some reason (i.e. to SD, better mould, etc) I would STILL keep her. XD They aren't just sweet and versatile, but they'll eventually pull your heartstrings, even if it's with a haughty/badass attitude. And believe me, with those legs? MNFs have ATTITUDE!

      "Okay, we're gonna stand here--"
      "... Ooooor not..."