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Help picking similar doll

May 27, 2009

    1. I've been looking for a female doll similar to my OrientDoll Tae. I want something that's easy to find clothes for, not too big a head, a bit shorter than him. He is about 40cm tall.

      Any suggestions?
    2. Cmon guys, my doll needs a friend
    3. Maybe you could try the Picture Requests gallery for dolls? You might have luck asking for other dolls with the type of doll you have to see how they look together, etc.
    4. The only female dolls I've found that are less than 40cm tall are Customhouse Little Juniors/Vintage Ais. But she is quite small compared to a MSD. The Planetdoll MSDs are about 41cm tall. I too was after a small sized female ie about 40cm tall, but there doesn't appear to be one.
    5. The Orientdoll minis are such a totally odd size compared to all others - I think the photo requests forum might be your only hope. I can't think of ANY similar in size and proportion to them, but there might be something somewhere.
    6. Orientdoll's tiny heads mean that the only on-topic dolls in proportion to them are other Orientdolls.

      Some of the off-topic more fashion-y dolls may be in better proportion. You may want to check the sticky about off-topic dolls for ones that are meant just for fashion.

      Ann in CT
    7. Thanks, I'll check those out. I was thinking of getting a fashion doll for him. I would but a different head for him, but i'm afraid it won't fit, plus I love his head so much.
    8. You might check out Resin Soul, too. They have a 40cm girl that might work out.
    9. Thanks, you guys give good advice. I might just cave and get a girl OrientDoll, that way i'll know it'll match. I feel like i'm being too materialistic though...
    10. Tinybear touched on one of the problems here.

      Many of the best dolls to match with your Tae are off topic here. You could get one of the off topic dolls but you would only be able to show pictures of her with Tae.

      I have several OT dolls since I do not need to try to differentiate between ABJD and fashion dolls. They are all fashion dolls to me.

      Feel free to PM me if you want a small list. SOme of these dolls are much prettier than many of the on topic ones. Resin is resin.
    11. I was going to suggest BBB/Resinsoul Lan, too. She is exactly 40cm tall and has a smaller head, so she will match Tae's proportions better.
    12. What about a Sleetwealth Briar? I believe she is about 36cm tall. She might be a good match for an Orientdoll Tae.
    13. I agree, Sleetwealth Briar would be good.
    14. Sleetwealth Briar looks good...i might get a body no more than 5-6 cm shorter and put a Dae-sized Cheong head on it, so it looks more proportionate to him. It almost breaks my heart that he's so small, it seems he might be doomed to be alone...
    15. I might also be able to deal with a doll maybe 26-30 cm. My Tae is an adventuring human in a world filled with different humanoid species (pixies, vampires, werewolves, etc.) so she could be a little Elven friend he picked up along the way :)
    16. Maybe you should check out the Customhouse little juniors. They're very cute and about 35cm tall I think.
    17. I was thinking of Briar as well, and she looks very fairy like.