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Help! So confused about sizes!!

Jul 6, 2010

    1. Ok so I'm trying to buy an adorable tiny boy doll (15 cm) as my first doll..but i'm having some problems!

      I'm looking for clothes and wigs but I cant find any clothes and the only wigs I found were on ebay that were all spikey and made out of faux fur. I don't like those..

      Also! Just about everything that's not super dollfie says 5/6, 4/5, puki, lati yellow, dollfie dream, leeke, yo-sd(I know what that is), etc, or something like that...I dont' know what that is! :doh

      Can someone explain to me what that is and where I can find clothes for a 15 cm tiny doll also wigs. I really want this doll.
      Please and thank you! :)
    2. what doll are you getting? dolls have different sized heads even though they might be the same height. So telling us the size of your doll would help. there might even be a thread here about your doll that says what size wigs they wear.

      FYI, a Yo-SD is a size of doll from the Volks company.
    3. As I stated he is 15 cm, his head size is 11cm. Also is Littlefee a different type of tinie too?
    4. Fairyland Littlefee is 25cm tall, but that´s also considered as tiny doll. :)

      I think if you mean Fairyland Pukifee doll?
    5. I read that you stated his size; but there is a huge range of difference in overall size of doll, even those that are the same height. just trying to help you narrow down.

      yes, littlefee is a kind of a tiny, by fairyland.
    6. Arg! What?! So many differences..lol..guess why they're so unique! :D The fairyland ones are sooooo cute! I think I want one now. BUT the tiny boy I want is cute too! >_<

      Hm..last question, which would you guys buy from for a tinie, resinsoul or fairyland??
    7. This is just your choice. When I looked for my first doll, I wanted a Resinsoul Yu, because it was not so expensive. I also like the Fairyland dolls, nearly all of them. But i started with a Felix Doll Brownie. Now I have two Brownies and a Bobobie(same as Resinsoul) March on the way.

      I had never seen a BJD in real life before so I thought would take a"cheaper" doll, just in case this BJD thing is not for me.
    8. That is a good idea! Gah! I'm fixed on so many dolls! Lol! I also like March, very beautiful. Ok so I have to do more searching!:sweat

    9. I don't know if you still need help, but I thought I'd try. All these terms can be super confusing!
      If you see a wig marked something like 4/5, 5/6, etc, thats the size in inches. 11 cm would be 4/5. If you need to convert between cm and inches, I'd use this http://manuelsweb.com/in_cm.htm.
      If you're looking for clothes for a 15 cm doll you would probably do best by looking for clothes for Pukifee (A tiny from Fairyland) or Lati Yellow (A tiny from LatiDoll). Etsy.com is good for decently priced doll clothes, just type what you're looking for in the search bar.
    10. Thank you! :) I've been on etsy all day yertserday. xD So Pukifees are more the size i'm looking for instead of Littlefees?
    11. Unfortunately, not all 15 cm dolls are the same. 15cm Bobobie is very different from 16cm Lati Yellow. Just for starters, their head measurement is 5.7" versus the just over 4" of the doll you're looking at. I would strongly suggest you go to this thread to do some research on the different types, so that you have a better understanding of how the different sizes compare to each other http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?28610-Comparison-photos-.

      There's also a measurement chart that gives the basic measurements for most tinys...it can be extremely helpful when trying to figure out if clothing for one doll will fit another. It's located here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Aow4c3tmlNjhdDFLRFRObEdNa3hPd2hicnBKNE14cmc&hl=en#gid=0
    12. The chart really helped. :D Thanks!