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Help with 18cm Jaime doll please

Sep 29, 2008

    1. Can anyone tell me if Riley stuff; clothes, wigs, shoes, fit Jaime dolls 18cm size? Also spam me with your 18cm Jaime doll pics especially tanned Vito. Thank you for wasting you time on my whims :)
    2. I know most of them fit my 15 cm tiny Ara, but I don't know about 18 cm or if they're that much different. Good question - I'd like to know, too.
    3. I have a tan 18cm Vito, and she wears Helen Kish's Riley clothes very nicely. Not the wigs, though, since Vito wears a size 5 and Riley wears a 4. Riley shoes are too small for Vito, too. Here are a couple of my older photos of Vito:

      Vito is wearing Robert Tonner's Tiny Ann Estelle's witch costume and a Kemper mohair wig.

      Here she wears a Boneka dress and pinafore I originally had on my Helen Kish's Riley, and a Monique "Faith" wig I reduced in size (from a 5/6).
    4. Thanks for those pictures, shes lovely.....
      Any more?
    5. Hi wilkies, Hope you are well,don't seemed to have seen you for ages. Thanks for that link there are some gorgeous dolls there. xxx
    6. Sabrina, Your dolls are gorgeous. Vito is one of my favorites. Yours is anyway. My Joan should be here soon.But I still need to clothe her. Your help with this has been wonderful. Thanks 4 sharing.
    7. Aww, thanks! :aheartbea
    8. I wonder will Ginny clothes fit too???
    9. Can any1 tell me if rosebay dolls could fit yo sd stuff? or is there no way?