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Help with picking out doll please? :D

Apr 20, 2010

    1. Im in search of a good MSD sized female BJD.
      Wanting the price range to be around $200-$260 and it comes with wig and eyes.
      Maybe something with not to big of cheeks and large eyes. Not like a Dollmore Calvin, though.
      Keep in mind that I have seen ALL the dollmore MSD dolls and I am considering a Paran.
      Thanks so much =D
    2. They are alot of dolls with prices around 2oo-26o, I advice you to look at this list first.
      Research more so you can be sure which doll you really want.
    3. I recommend fairyland minifees. They are a little over your price that you've set, but they are worth it! The body sculpts are marvelous and believable, and they pose better than anything I've seen! I don't even bother with any of the other doll companies anymore. I've sold all my non fairyland msd dolls (except one that I gave to my daughter). If you're looking for an exceptional body with posablilty, minifees are it!
    4. I have to second coinnle, if you like their sculpts, they would really be the most BJD for your buck. And if you get one off the secondhand market you could probably get one within your price range.
    5. The list that BulletsBANQ showed you is probably one of the greatest tools you can use for picking out a doll you want if you have a budget you want to stick to. You have a mass selection of all sorts of MSD scale girls in you price point, so look around!

      Personally, I recommend Asleep Eidolon's girls. You can only get them from distributors, so the wait is a good bit longer, but well worth it. They are lovely sculpts, pose beautifully, and are a nice size (easy to fit for!). They don't come with a wig, but do come with multiple eyes, and are at the lower end of your price range at $205 blank, and are $255 with a face-up, so getting a great wig wouldn't be too hard.

      However, DollMore kids are great dolls, and do come with a nice wig and eyes, and if Paran is the one you'd love to have, then get her! She's very cute and a perfect price!

      Minifees are THE BEST posers if you get the A-line body, but they also blow out your budget by a long shot. After shipping, a face up, and a wig, you'd be pushing $500. Even if you found one on the MP here, it would still be way past your budget, since A-Line MNFs are still $365 brand new and blank.

      Most Fairyland doll owners swear by them, with reason, but they do have a particular aesthetic. It does very little for me, personally, minus a few, and I find their joint system a bit too overbearing. They are made of nearly 30 parts!
    6. I agree with ellanie, asleep eidolon has a very pretty line of dolls for a very cheap price. my friend has a yara and she is soo pretty. plus they are always coming out with new models.
    7. I own Asleep Eidolon doll myself and I'm happy with her - she's really cute and have a nice body... not like Minifee , but still good ^^ And I can recommend you AE dolls too :)
      When I was going to get my first doll, I was looking for only a pretty face and I get my Bobobie Mei because she's cute (and good priced, by the way). And I'm happy with her -she's the best girl for her price:lol:
      I guess, every BJD owner has his own "favorite" company :) I do love Fairyland A-line body , but I don't like their head molds >_<
      So, to choose the doll you need, first ask yourself : " What do I want from this doll - great or ordinary posing / very realistic or less-realistic face ?".
      And the last advice - if you found a doll, which you really love, but she's too expensive for you right now, don't waste money for the other dolls -wait a little bit longer and get the one ,which you REALLY want ^___^
    8. Have you looked at the Kid Delf line at all? They're very reasonably priced at $220 without faceup and the sculpts are (IMO) rather cute with large eyes and sweet faces. I don't think a wig is included in that price, but you can buy a wig along with the doll if you like, and save on shipping (Luts has a large selection of wigs, eyes, clothing, etc- similar to Dollmore).

      A couple of suggestions though while you're looking and making up your mind. Always look for owner photos of dolls before deciding to buy a doll, because often the shops only show them from their "best" angles, with nicer wigs and eyes than are included with the doll (also note that most dolls that include eyes or wigs will come with a random colour/style, not necessarily the one pictured). Owner photos tend to give a more more realistic representation of the doll, from more angles and with more different styles. Also, once you have access to the DoA marketplace you should have a browse through the secondhand dolls for sale. Often dolls that are still in nice condition are sold for less than retail price, or if not they may include extras such as clothing, wigs, eyes, extra hands, etc. which can make them a good deal if you like the extras and will use them. If you find someone who is in the same country you can also save on shipping and have the doll home much sooner (most doll companies take a few weeks to make the doll after you order, sometimes even months). There are issues that can come up with secondhand sales so it's also important to check the seller's feedback, but it can be a good place to look once you have enough posts to gain access! :)
    9. Angel of Dream are good posers, this was the company that I had my first doll from, they're in your price range, I don't think they come with a wig but they do come with eyes, but then with the price range you have you'd still have a lot left over to buy everything she/he needs.

      MinifFee are the BEST posers though and definitely well worth the money!
    10. I recommend that you look at Impldoll Child dolls. They are MSD sized and have smaller eyes and they have more mature faces. I purchased the "yolanda" doll in white skin and she came with eyes and a face up for $218. i purchased her a wig for $20 from Leeke and it looks great! The base body with no faceup and a pair of eyes is only $188.00 She is the best poser!!! She has a very expressive face and can do lots of poses with no problem. You can check them out at Impldoll.com I am really happy with my purchase!
    11. ..I've always wanted a Paran >_>
      They're very pretty! n__n
      But there are loads of different doll companies and MILLIONS of different molds to choose from.
      I would say this; Dollmore are EPIC in customer service and communication.
    12. Take your time to research as far as possible n_n there are loads of dollies within your price range ^^
    13. This is sooooo helpful!!!
    14. You have a lot of fantastic suggestions! I own MSD-sized dolls from Dream of Doll, Dolkot, Fairyland and Doll-zone... they are all wonderful dolls, each with their own pros and cons. The Dream of Doll DOCs have adorable face sculpts but my girl does not pose too well. My Dolkot Junior is triple jointed and has a lovely sculpt, but his joint system is a bit overwhelming. My MNF is cute as a button and I think her body is sculpted the best - she has magnetic hands and the company has a fantastic "a la carte" system where you can basically build your own doll. Everyone seems to favor MNFs, but honestly, out of my current crew I am the most impressed by my Doll-zone mini. He is awesome. Beautiful sculpt, no seam lines and poses like a dream. Easily my personal favorite.

      I say find the sculpt that calls to you!

      Doll-zone Shoyo has slim cheeks and large eyes, and comes in four different resin shades:

      Good luck with your search and have fun!
    15. I was looking at the Asleep Eidolon BJDS, and they are very pretty. Hoping to save money get one myself, but I've still got a long way to go!
    16. Thanks guys ^^ I decided on Paran. I really like the mold and the Dollmore legs are AMAZING <3
      I have done some research and Dollmore seems to have great quality resin, and I love their molds ^^
    17. Best of luck to you getting her soon!
    18. Thanks :D I plan to get order her at christmas!