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Nov 16, 2008

    1. OK it's been a long time since I've been on this forum, I haven't had a BJD for a couple years now. I had a few but ended up having to sell them :(
      I'm really wanting to get a doll again sometime, even if it's just one.

      I have a lot of clothes left from when I had my Unoa and I was wondering what dolls areon Dream of Doll are the same size as a Unoa or very close? There's D.O.I, D.O.T, D.O.C, D.O.B. The D.O.T's look really nice and I already see a few I'd like but I have a feeling they're bigger than Unoa's size...

      I guess basically what I'm asking is any suggestions on sites or dolls that are same or in relative same size as Unoa.

      Ugh I feel so out of the loop nowadays :(
      I can't remember any of the sites I used to lust after the dolls. I want a doll so bad so I can play dress up and photoshoot lol xD

      Thanks guy, any help would be really appreciative! <3 And please forgive me if this was in the wrong section
    2. DoCs are around Unoa size somewhat.. DoTs are bigger around 64cm

      Fairyland has great dolls around Unoa size. :) anything around 43-45cm basically.. Im sure as you look around DoA again you become familiar with different sites..

      good luck :)

      hey your from MN too :D
    3. both the minifees and naraes are mature, slim minis like unoas. off of the dod site, the docs are the msd sized dolls, but i don't think they fit slim mini clothes. :)
    4. Wow you live really close to me!! :D
      And thanks for the site :)))
    5. TY :) I'm not too worried about perfect fit xD
    6. Well a few hours away.. but I guess closer then most ;)
    7. Ahhh no I actually moved to Burnsville ^.^
      -reminds that I need to update my info lol-
    8. Ah! I see :)

      hey maybe if your interested.. a few people are planning to have a small meet up next weekend at the Mall of America. You come hang out with us and have some quality doll time ;)

      Link here
    9. That sounds like fun! :) I'd have to see if I work though :(
    10. Hope you can make it!

      And good luck in finding a new doll you love. ^_^ There's a lot of beautiful sculpts out there, it's still kind of overwhelming to me even though I've picked out most of what I want... They keep making new ones!

      And unfortunately, I don't recall that I've gotten a good look at an Unoa in person so I'm not sure what others are very similar, just a vaguery of what ones are in the mini range.