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Helping with doll posing?

Dec 9, 2011

    1. I was after some help in regards to posing my two soon to be three elfdoll rainy girls. My Hazy is on a single jointed body and my Euna is on a double jointed as is my incoming Yuan, but my problem is I have so much trouble posing them - Hazy point blank refuses to do anything other than recline on a cushion and Euna will stand, momentarily in bare feet and for a little longer if she's wearing boots, and neither of them will sit up (I tried to sit them on a bench today but they would only lean back on a cushion). These are my first dolls and I was wondering what the problem could be - are they too loosely or tightly strung? Am I completely missing some knack to posing them? Or is this a common issue with Elfdolls in general?
      I also have incoming a DZ MSD, a DIM MSD and a Luts honey delf and I'm hoping they will be easier to pose, but if it's something I'm doing wrong then I hope to sort it out or they won't pose well either :(
      Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated :sweat
    2. I only own DZ bodies so far. All I can say is that you definitely won't have trouble posing your DZ MSD. My first doll was/is one, and even as a complete newbie I had no problems making him do all sorts of nice, natural poses. My most difficult lady is my 65 cm DZ girl, and I daresay she is easier to handle than many dolls of comparable size. My Dollzone trio sit and stand like champs, without any sueding or wiring and fairly loosely strung (well, their arms seem more tightly strung than their legs/bodies). They are all double-jointed, though.

      To be honest, I don't think it's you. I think it's Elfdoll...
    3. It's probably the way they're strung. Most dolls have their elastic in an upside-down double V, with both halfs of the loop going from feet to neck. Recently Elfdoll has been stringing them so only one half the loop goes to the neck. The other half just goes across the top of the crotch. It makes them very unstable.

      The good news is that when you restring them the standard way, their posing is great!
    4. I'm not that familiar with Elfdoll, but I have seen tis stringing problem. The string going only through the crotch causes the two pieces coming up out of the legs to spread apart and stick out of the groove and get caught a lot. (I hope that makes sense, I'm not really sure hoe else to describe it...) but if the strings are hooked in the head, it keeps them together in the legs for better poseability.

      In my experience, double jointed dolls are much easier to pose than single, since they have more flexibility. I've had a few DZ minis and my sister has several. They do pose really well. :)
    5. I don't know about elfdoll, but you will have no problems with your incoming Honey Delf ;) Mine has been perfect from day 1!
    6. I've never strung a doll and I'm kind of afraid to try in case I can't put them back together - is there any good tutorials (preferably picture based - I don't really like video on my computer)? :?
      My DZ and DIM are double jointed, and I think the honey delf is as well :)
    7. LOL, we both thought it was good! :)
    8. I think thats a mark of quality when 2 people suggest it :lol:
    9. I've wondered if even some dolls, same sculpt and body from same company don't arrive with varying amounts of snap or flop. Just as long as they don't crackle! These are great tips. Glad you asked the question and big thanks for the help given and referred to here.