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here come new Lati

Mar 10, 2009

    1. Release of Limited version

      March 20th 2009
      Gloomy Garden set (Green + White Sp) and
      Flower Garden set (Blue line girl + Yellow) will be released.

      Restock of Basic version

      March 20th 2009
      All lines of basic version dolls will be restocked
      The Red line boy and girl will be restocked, too.

      V-shaped hand parts will be shipped with the Yellow line dolls from March 20th, 2009.

      Pictures of new limited version and basic version will be updated soon and we will be appreciated for your interest.

      Mhhh Gloomy Garden ..? but White Specials ..
      and I want a White Belle to ..but not on the Special body ...SO FINGERS CROSSED :aheartbea
    2. Ahh, sounds so interesting :D
      I was thinking of getting either a yellow special or green doll, so i'll look forward for the limited, the garden theme sounds very nice ^^
    3. Gloomy Garden? *lol* I think they need a new marketing person to come up with more attractive names. *chuckles* So I could get a Gloomy Green or a Flower Yellow? hehe

      luv MOP...
    4. Okay it's killing me wondering what this means on the Lati site.

      - Related Event

      From February 28th 2009, Latidoll.com will give out massage sticks to the first 500 customers.
      The massage sticks can be run out anytime without a notice.

      They're giving us massages now? I think my wallet needs one more than I do after those gorgeous dolls are finished with me. hahahahaha
    5. Well, if they're anything like the Hello Kitty "massage wands", it should be pretty dang amusing.
    6. Gloomy Garden? I'm intrigued!
    7. eeeee!
      I've saved and saved and saved waiting for this to happen! can't WAIT to see what the new yellow specials are going to look like. My little Imo really needs a friend to play with... I'll probably just get a basic Miel or Lea.. or Byurl... or Lami... hehe, but I would love to get another special. I guess i'll have to wait and see what they look like. i'm SO excited.

      on a bit of a side note, we really need a general discussion thread for the lati tinies....
    8. I've ssen a pic of that "massage stick" on a lati popup add, it's a wooden stick with a plush looking like the yellow mascot on its top :D
    9. well flower special sounds promising, will it be resistable though! I wonder....

      Do any of you know how many times a year a special or limited Lati Yellow release is done?
    10. Ooh, how exciting... Just a couple of newbie questions: Will the Flower Garden set for the Yellow size be 16cm? and will the price be in the $300.00 range? I'd like to get an idea as to how much I need to have in my PayPal account. Thanks for any info.
    11. Ahh thankyou aldwen. I thought it was either a typo or something very strange...*lolol*
    12. I am going crazy waiting for pictures. Must have pictures!!! *pokes Lati* I probably should read up on their payment policies too. Gotta know where to put da monies.
    13. i'm holding out for another tan release :( i know it probably won't be for a while but it gives me time to save so i can get a few lol
    14. Lati have revised their Premium Makeup Policy. Which is understandable but still..bummer.

      [ 2009-03-13 ] Premium Make-up Service Policy has been modified

      Hello, this is Lati.

      First of all, we would like to thank you for all your constant support to us, Latidoll.com.
      There are some modifications in our Premium Make-up policy.

      You were able to choose the shape and color of eyebrows, eye lines, and the color of cheeks and lips when you order premium make-up service.
      Also, we have done the make ups of limited dolls that were released before to meet many customers’ requests.
      However, from today, we will not apply any make-ups of limited dolls which have been released before.

      We will not accept any requests other than the shapes and colors included in our premium make-up service.

      Thank you and have a nice day.
    15. man i was going to get a basic byurl with the freckles like the cowboy byurl :( do you think they will still do freckles?
    16. I think they do freckles ..as long as the face-up isnt exactly the same
    17. I would love a Lati Yellow but I'm so wary of buying from outside the EU right now as customs are charging for everything. But secondary market prices are high, but at least then I know what to expect. I hate waiting for that customs letter without knowing what the charge will be :(
    18. Kayjay: I ordered Lati Yellow and parcel came straight through, no troubles.

      I think they stop mostly the larger parcels? Maybe some of the other Lati Yellow owners can say if they were charged or not as well.
    19. my Lati came through ..but my Jamie ..which was the same size ..didnt ...
      Im affraid I have even had packets stopped and charged ..
      ..so size has nothing to do with it ...I think its down to luck :(

      on avarage for a parcel marked down to $50.00 its about £33.00

      parcels marked Zero are being charged VAT and handleing ..so its £23.00
      so far this month I have had 3 parcels marked 0 ..being hammered £22.00

      my doll buying is suffereing ..I have spent so much in Charges this month ..I could buy another doll :(

      so when Lati open ..its just tiny Belle , unless of course its a Sugar Lea
      I have a feeling it wont be tans ...just because I want it to be :D