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Oct 20, 2008

    1. I came across this doll by a Mrs.A.H.Doll and I thought the mouth was highly fascinating.
      reminiscent of puppet dolls from yesteryear, since it could open and close.

      Link Over here


      PS. did search couldnt find this has been posted before, pls delete if inappropriate or if i have overlooked
    2. I didn't know this company at all, is there a topic about them?
      Are all the dolls sold out? Can't see the prices...
    3. i havent got any idea myself, just saw the doll and it looked interesting.
    4. They seem to be a pretty new company - at least their english site doesn't look finished (and now it has exceeded the daily traffic limit^^)

      What I managed to find out:

      Their dolls are made of French Resin. There are 4 now:

      Samantha Herren is 45.5cm - link

      Sae Yan is 40cm - link

      Bambola is 42cm and she doesn't have knee and ankle joints (only hip joint) - link

      And I forgot Q.Pito's height....
    5. I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but isn't this the same artist for Narsha and Zaoll? On Q.Pito's Flickr page those names are included in the tags and it looks like her style... :D

      Also, Samantha Herren's Flickr - here

      Bambola's Flickr - here (is she on-topic?)

      Sae-Yan's Flickr - here (though empty)
    6. Theres a discussion thread here

      I uploaded the photos to my photobucket since the site keeps exceeding bandwidth.

      The number refers to makeup/skintone
      Samantha Herren

      Sae Yan

      Q.Pito #1

      Bottom of Order page says:


      If want to buy doll artist's work.PLEASE notify us via e-mail the Customer Service including...(mrs.ah@herrendoll.com)

      Please remind that it is unalterable to cancel your order after you made order & payment.
      Your order of Customize Ball Jointed Doll @Mrs.A.H.Doll is sent to the manufacturing workshop for its individually
      duplication procedure once you make your order and payment.
      Please make your final order & payment with discretion.
      * ==Shipping Fee==

      Shipping Fee will be added automatically when you finalize your order.

      Please follow the steps;

      Step1. Click ¡°Shipping Company¡± and select ¡°EMS¡±.

      Step2. Click ¡°Select Zone¡± and select your ¡°ZONE¡± where you will receive your product.

      When you select your ZONE, the shipping fee will be automatically added to your final order.


      Delibery TIme
      - After 3-4 days of the bank transaction process and our confirmation of your fully payment, we will send your ordered product right away. Please consider various delivery time due to the different destination.When you order for your Original BJD, not a duplicate one, the process will take at least 15-30 days.Please e-mail the Customer Service to get more detailed delivery time for your Original BJD.
    7. Samantha and Sae Yan have been deemed "on-topic" for Den of Angels. Bambola had been decided as "off-topic" because of the lack of jointedness in the legs. q-pito is currently in the "undecided" category until more photos are released.

      Thank you!
    8. Herrendolls are made by the artist Gu Mi Jung, if i understood correct.
      She is the artist that made Banji, Narsha and Zaoll.

      I myself hope they will release sd males ;3;
    9. does any one know the prices of these dolls or where i could find the prices?
    10. You need to sign in to see the prices. From what I remember, Samantha #3 is $780 while the other two are $730, and Sae Yan is $390. Q.Pito is apparently $680.