Heydoll Discussion

Feb 21, 2021

    1. Since I didn't see any thread for this company, I decided to open one.
      I just ordered their 58cm girl body, and I can't wait to receive it!
      Any Heydoll owners here that want to share their dolls? I would be very happy to see them
    2. I haven't ordered yet but I've been eyeing the larger girl body for an upcoming head, just need to see the head colour in person before ordering! They seem to have lovely sculpts. Also, I fell in love with Lovan / Luo Fan so he'll definitely be coming home too :D
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    3. I took a bet for the color, I got normal pink skin and I hope it will match the head I got decently... If not, I will try to color match the head :shudder
      Sadly their resin chart doesn't have photos of the resin colors, but just the flat color, so it's more difficult to pick.
      Yeah! Their boys look lovely, I wonder why they're so unknown since their male sculpts could be very popular between collectors that like the realistic/korean style. Maybe cause it's pretty new and there aren't many dealer that sell them?
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    4. @Rurimas I hope it will match well! What head did you get it for?
      It's difficult to find much about them unfortunately, I'm not sure why. It seems only one dealer has them (Legenddoll). I've been looking for owner photos, especially of the SD sculpts, but it's not easy to find them at all. I hope that changes soon :)
    5. I got Ferris from 2D doll. Hope she will work out!
      Yeah, I hope that other dealers will start to sell theyr dolls cause they look pretty nice. I will maybe ask to some dealers if they can think about it.
    6. I plan to order through newclover-singing in the future so hopefully they will start carrying them after that :)
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    7. Hopefully.

      I am planning to order through Christina too. Although, I will do it only at the end of this or next year.

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    8. Maybe if a lot of people mail her to ask for Heydoll, she will think about dealing it! I hope so.

      I hope she will start to deal them, I think with enough interested she may do it
    9. The 58cm girl body looks lovely, and so poseable! I hope they make more heads, their dolls are so nice.

      As far as resin color, I have a smaller Heydoll in normal pink and it is a really nice shade. He is just a tiny bit lighter and less peach than my Luts normal skin girl (though she is a year older so may have some yellowing). Overall I would say it is a fairly light NS especially compared to companies like Fairyland, Bluefairy, and Soom that make darker/pinker/peachier NS.
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