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Hi Everyone! Our website is reopening tonight with the new boy. NOT YET!

Aug 1, 2007

    1. Hi, Everyone!

      This is Ms.Cholong from Elfdoll Inc.

      I'm so sad to tell you something..

      Our new boy will come out officially with our new website.
      Please stop to discuss about our new doll now..

      I heard some of wrong infomation about him.. Please keep your patient.

      You can see Rainman's wonderful creation SOON!

      I am sure you love our new doll. Rainman tried to add some new things on this new boy!

      Please wait for more detail info with our official opening.

      Thank you so much for your reading.
      And if someone has questions about him, please email me.

      Foreign Trade Manager
      Elfdoll Inc.
    2. Thank you for the information. :)

      Everyone is eagerly awaiting the new Elfdoll Boy.
    3. Thanks dear.. I bet. you will get "Hottest guy" which you never ever seen before...(^^)...
      Hold your patient a little bit more...(^^)

      Thanks again..
    4. Thank you Elfdoll_manager, I hope to see the boy doll soon. I already have three of your dolls. I can't wait!
    5. My "hottest guy" is my boyfriend. <3

      I'm certain the new Elfdoll is a cutie. :)
    6. (^^) Hohohoho~~~
      Your boyfriend must be happy to hear this your saying..(^^)
      Thanks a lot ......
    7. Well, he is hotter than my husband, LOL!! A lot younger too!:fangirl:

      Go Rainman!
    8. He is happy, yes. ;) An Elfdoll (Red) was the first that caught my eye but, unfortunately, not the first I'll be buying. Some day, though. :)