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hi~! everyone who loves luts-doll

May 25, 2005

    1. hi~! this is doogi - webmaster of eLUTS.

      how are you donig?

      i will temporarily rest from LUTS from next month....

      only a few days left before the last day of my affair.

      the many conversation with lovely customers...

      that is my best pleasure~

      Nothing gives me such a great pleasure as this in all my life.

      your sweet and lovely messages bring me a great happiness~!!

      specially~ i was so happy when i 've heard the fan club from the article of

      "den of angels" web site~!!

      I can never thank you enough.

      Thank you very much for your great regard.

      and i'm so sorry that i was wanting in ability and sorry for my poor english~

      please~ take care~ and i will pray to God for your happy.

      thank you for your kind attention.

      see you later~! i will be come back~!!

      love you~! (^^:)

      from : your frined doogi...............................................

      ps : new administrator of eLUTS is good person.

      his name is sean~! he is very kindness person

      i already taught him the best regulation of LUTS

      "customer is king~!!"

      "satisfaction of customer is my satisfaction"

      have a good time with my successor - sean~!!
    2. ooh! Have a good holiday, Doogie! Thank you for all your hard work at eLuts - we appreciate it a lot, and I'm sure we'll be looking forward to seeing you there again in the future!!
    3. We'll miss you Doogi!
    4. Have a nice holiday Doogi! I'm sure Sean will do a great job - but we'll still miss you until you come back!
    5. So kind of you Doogi to let us know. Have you have a well deserved break. :D
    6. Hi

      Have a great rest Doogie..

      and thanks for all you have done... there is a link below to A Luts fan club where you will see aslot of the lovely dolls you have sent out...

      Hugs Maz

    7. Hi Doogi^^
      I hope you enjoy your break very much and come back with lots lots of energy^^
      As I toldyou yesterday, I belong to another BJD BBS in Spain and they all love you and left very nice comments on our feedback section.

      In case you don´t read my reply before you leave, I wanted to thank you, it was very nice to open my messages yesterday and reading your friendly joyful letter. I was having one of those loooong boooring studyin days and you realy cheered me up^^
      Glad you like Madrid (my home city and favourite soccer team by the way^^)


      back to studying T_T
    8. Have a nice holiday Doogi :D
    9. Hi Doogi! ^^

      As everyone has said, I hope you enjoy your much deserved break ^^ You work too hard! (But we love you for it ^_-)

      Take care!

    10. oh doogi! You're wanting for nothing - the best customer relations agent that anyone here could ever hope to see. Everyone does nothing but rave about you and I'm not an exception. Hope you enjoy your break from luts, and we'll all miss you and look forward to seeing you back.
    11. We''ll miss you
      Comeback soon

      Pony_gery :chibi
    12. You work so hard to make sure that everybody is happy with their purchases and we really appreciate it!

      Have a great vacation and don't be surprised if there are big 'welcome back' messages when you return :)
    13. Take care dear Doogi! Come back soon! :daisy
    14. Have a great holiday, Doogi! We'll miss you while you're gone! *hugs*

    15. Rest well, Doogi! You're such a hard worker and we love you so very much! :D
    16. Have a great time off, and thanks for all your hard work!!

    17. Thank you so much for all you've done and have a great vacation!
    18. Hi Doogi

      Have a great vacation, pretty sure Sean will also be great :lol:
    19. Enjoy your vacation, Doogi, you deserve it :D We'll miss you!
    20. Awww...we'll miss you! But you definitely deserve that vacation. Have a wonderful time off. :)