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Hi - I'm new

Sep 10, 2008

    1. Hi -

      I am new to Den of Angels, and have really fallen in love with the small BJD's. My first small one was a Jaime Ara, and once I received her I was hooked. My first BJD was a Goodreau that I saw in a store - and I just had to have her! One thing led to another - and now I own Ara, her brother Ted, a Lati Yellow and a Bobobie. Last week I purchased one I have wanted for months - a Yo-SD! She should arrive any day now, and I'm so excited! Once I have her in my hands, I will need to get a "feel" for what kind of outfits she will wear. I like long blonde hair and little girl, modern and old-fashioned outfits. Are there any good websites that I should check out to look for things for her wardrobe? Thanks -
    2. This belongs in the Introductions forum. But welcome to DoA anyway. :)
    3. Hi Randi,

      I can't really help you with any specific sites, but I believe there are some threads here on the Yo-SD so if you do a search, you might find some sites that others have recommended.

      My first was a Goodreau as well, although while I was waiting for her to be produced, I bought a Custom House Choa. I'd love to see pictures of your crew. If you get a chance, please post them in the Gallery:)
    4. Gosh, one of the most popular sizes and brands and dolls, the YoSD, and no dedicated thread! I just did a search of YOSD and found small threads spread all over the place! For now, you can do as I did, and search (in titles only_ in the tinies forum) for YOSD and sift through the small threads to see if you can find answers to what you need, but I would also suggest someone put up a YOSD Discussion thread, thread!

      Do make a thread in the gallery, and link to it for us all to see! I saw my first YOSD at the meetup last weekend, and was really WOW'd by them! I'm not one for small children look, but the quality and beauty of those dolls is amazing!
    5. There are "sticky" posts at the beginning of the tiny section for Yo-SD that will be very helpful as they contain a lot of information. Here is one:


      I love the same kind of clothes for my Tinatsu as you do do, Randi. :lol: Right now my Tinatsu is dressed in a Custom House Ange Ai dress (you can see her in the tinies fashion show thread). She also wears Boneka 28cm nicely, and some Kish Bitty Bethany and Tonner Ann Estelle dresses. Some of the Kish and Tonner clothes are too big around the middle, though, and the pants are too short.

      Congrats on your new Yo-SD! I know you will love her!
    6. Sabrina, maybe you could start a YOSD Discussion thread? I don't feel I can because I don't have one, LOL, but if you have a picture to share, and a little note about your's and what kind of clothes, etc.. you got for her, it'd be nice ?

      Also, is there a gallery thread on YOSD Database (where everyone puts their doll and it's info in?

      Just a thought :)
    7. Ingie, not sure how you could have missed the following thread?
      General Discussion Volks, YoSD and Tenshis , picture posts welcome

      It's in the sticky section at the top of the Tiny Dolls section.

      Yes, you can find it here:
      The YO Fellowship ( A club of Volks Yo-Sd and Yo-Tenshi owners)

      Right on the first page in the BJD Database section, going strong for over three years now. :)
    8. Ah, LOL, I didn't look in the sticky section, LOL. I actually didn't realize that's what Sabrina meant either, duh! Thanks, I thought it was weird not to have those two! Well, those are definately the places to check out for a new owner then! Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I always use the sticky section for the size chart, and totally forgot, I do see that thread there all the time, but I'm a bit senile, LOL ;P

    9. :dohyour not on your own Ingie I dont look in the Sticky thread either:doh

      welcome Randi ...you will find a few tiny addicts here LOL
    10. You are all so wonderful to have answered me. I am sorry I haven't posted for a few days because of so many committments, but it was so nice to come back and see all of your answers and welcomes. It looks like I have some research to do! Alas, though, I don't have my little Yo-Sd yet. The lady who is sending her to me had an accident and is laid up with a knee replacement. She now has a friend helping her get things out, so she should be here soon. I am not very good at photography, but I just gathered up all my "kids" and put them in one place and am looking for all the outfits and wigs I have. As soon as I get them all dressed "properly" I'll try to get some photographs up, if I can figure it out. Thank-you again to everyone.