New Doll Hi It is Rainman~ I 'm Telling about new face~

Aug 5, 2019

    1. Hello~ It is Rainman.

      I want to introduce New face.
      Her name is July.
      I made her in July haha~

      She will be released on 10th August and will be selling for 7 days only.
      Her skin color is white version.
      You can choice 3 colors.

      Thank you have a nice summer~My friends.

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    2. What size wig does she wear? She's lovely!!
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    3. I saw her on instagram! She's gorgeous! I was also wondering what size she was.
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    4. Yes teeth is other parts. i used 10 mm Oval type
    5. I us
      I used 8inch.It is good size for her.
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    6. She's tall is 65cm body.Thank you~
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    7. [​IMG]
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