Event Hi It is Rainman I want to tell 1 thing about Event.

Jul 5, 2019

    1. Hello, I'm Rainman~

      With Tsunaina head almost complete,
      I want to have a contest in order to see the works of people who do makeup with different and fun concepts.
      I can't wait to see what she looks like with.
      Of course, we're going to give you a great product with our staff's popular vote about your participation.

      [How to Participate]

      Tsunaina (new head) will be realesed soon.
      With her head, take photos after complete your make up and setting.
      Then, please post 3 photos on the contest board of the R&R site.

      [Selecting Criteria]

      Participants who have scored the highest to the third place will receive the prize.
      Of course, makeup skill & talent is the most important thing, but the person who best supports the impression and feelings of this head, more likely to get a high score.

      1st New body (65cm) set
      2nd R&R heads 3 kinds of Resin heads (Randome)
      3rd R&R heads 2 kinds of Resin heads (Randome)

      Tsunaina will be realesed before 15~17th of July.
      We consider all the product will be sent before end of July.

      Please post the picture before end of August after receiving the head.
      We're only going to receive your photo until end of August, so please review the dates well.
      I'll be looking forward to have your great works.

      And I want to feel the splendid emotions of many artists.
      If any community or small group wants to make their own heads, please leave your e-mail(a[email protected]) address or content on the communication board.
      I'll contact you after a good review.

      R&R HEAD - Resin Head
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    3. Su has 3 colors for skin~It' s running now~