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hi~~it`s rainman~~

Aug 23, 2006

    1. http://elfdoll50.cafe24.com/bbs/data...Untitled_1.jpg

      Hello, it's Rainman from Elfdoll.

      It's been a long time I've been making tiny dolls. haha~

      Now finally it's completed, and time to release.
      There were more than 5 times of upgrading heads and many complicated castings to make easier face plate changing for every body. Almost a year I had to spend for these tinies.

      I've alwasy had thought that it will be wonderful if the dolls has different face expressions everytime I take photos of my dolls. I love taking photos of dolls and I really hoped that my dolls to have happy smiles and sad, and angry faces, just like I take photos of my people I love.

      So I had to spend a lot of effort on changing face plate in couple of second very easily.

      I hope you will have happy time and photos while changing 4 different fun faces.

      The photo is Hana's Angel and Devil version.
    2. They are lovely Rainman! Thank you so much for the time to make these darlings.

      Are these going to be standard or just limited?
    3. Hey Rainman - How much are you planning to charge for the faceups? Will it be 4/5X the usual costs???? I hope not LOL! I'm liking the devil - hes a boy right? Alex
    4. New photos! For those where the animation is a little too quick.