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Hi, Would you choose emotion dolls than normal?

Apr 5, 2018

    1. I'm am wondering on what type of doll does people likes, I personally loves emotion dolls, almost most of my dolls are emotion dolls, dolls with animal parts or animal dolls, I feel like they are super duper cute!!! And very fun to take picture with. I wanted to know what type of doll does everyone else likes.
    2. I personally won't buy them, although they look awesome. I just feel like it will limited the potential of a doll.
    3. Oh, I felt very fun when I played around with them, just by feeling their emotion parts are super cute, just like my Asroon, its open mouse part just kills my heart. It is sooo adorable in my opinion. Thank you for your reply. I think I may buy more normal face dolls to compare.
    4. By emotion dolls do you mean dolls who look like they're laughing, crying, or something like that? I don't know if I would personally buy a doll like that, but that doesn't mean I can't admire the pictures people have of them. They just aren't my taste.
    5. www, thanks for your comments, There are also many pretty dolls that doesn't have emotions and looks super pretty also. I think I do get why wasn't many people's taste. Thank you for your reply
    6. Well, in terms of emotion and the sculpts I've got, a couple of them do have a bit of a distinct emotion to them. Even before a faceup, I could see my Impldoll Bernice having her mouth open as if to openly question somebody else's actions, or sharply express her criticisms. She has this critical and stern expression to her, and she was perfect for the character she now imbues.

      There's my Supia Jacob with a contemplative, slightly open mouth as well. His expression feels solemn, maybe also somewhat wistful. It was very fitting to his character. I've also got Little Rebel Kai, with this big, exuberant grin that just exudes confidence, fitting for the character I chose the sculpt for.

      I like dolls with certain emotions, expressions if you will, if it fits with the character in mind's characteristics. I mostly focus on more neutral sculpts, however, unless that perfect expressive sculpt comes around.

      (I hope this answers the question appropriately. Apologies if I misinterpreted it!:XD::kitty2)
    7. I tend to go more for dolls that lack a bit of emotion so that i can kind of give them the emotion i want them to have.I find that as of late im really loving sculpts with teeth molded in It all started with Lucywen i think. I don't really like sculpts with permanent smiles. If i wanted a doll who was always smiling i'd get a barbie. which isn't to say i don't enjoy looking at other people's lovely smiling babies it's just not the thing for me.

      I hope im not coming off as too aggressive.)
    8. I prefer not quite realistic, not quite anime looking dolls. I love Luts because they're a good middle-ground look for me. I just got my first realistic doll recently and I'm not too thrilled about his face. I'm planning on modding him anyways, so I'm ok with him for now until I do. Also tried the anime sculpts and that wasn't for me either. >.<

      As for expressive dolls, I don't think they'd be my cuppa tea. I'd probably get bored of the same expression. Faceups can be wipes and changed, but if a doll has a set expression it's harder to change their general look.
    9. Honestly, i find them unsettling! I couldn’t tell you why, i feel the same about DDs or other picked-from-the-screen type anime dolls as well (and dont even get me started on puppets..). I truly don’t understand myself lol... I own anime figurines and such but for some reason I can’t come to terms with them.. and the the emotion dolls, idk. especially the crying ones, if i look at them too long its almost like i can hear a terrible
      screeching wailing in the back of my mind

      On that note, perhaps Ive been deeply traumatized to emotions in my life XD

      I think the work of them is exquisite, as drawing intense emotion is a challenge I cant imagine sculpting on doll scale is easy either. Basically, I respect them and their art but they freak me out. everyone has their thing though.. some people just hate dolls in general ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    10. I prefer sculpts that have neutral expressions. Faceups (and perhaps photo angles -- my Granado Michael's expression changes depending on how he's photographed) do a lot to change personalities and such, but it's difficult to change an expression if it's sculpted directly onto the doll. I'm not into having a doll who's stuck into a permanently tearful face, for one. I'm sure it has a certain appeal, but it just isn't for me.
    11. Well my doll is probably normal, but I do like doing faceups that give them some character like adding some asymmetrical eyebrows so she looks much more smug! I love dolls that do have emotion, maybe ill get one in the future! Would love to see your doll!
    12. I like having a subtle expression! I tend to connect better with the character when they are showing a bit more "personality". So dolls that look stern or sneaky or happy or sullen (for eg) really appeal to me.

      When they look too "blank" I might find them aesthetically appealing but I usually have a harder time working out their character.

      That being said I find dolls with tongues sticking out or huge smiles etc limiting in their own way so I probably wouldn't buy one myself (unless it was like a Unoa with interchangeable faceplates)
    13. I love dolls with expressions! That neutral face, while it can be very attractive, reminds me of that uncaring look a lot of models have that I dislike. When the doll has a sculpted expression it makes it seem more alive and while yes it's not as versatile, it's also more prominent than if you try to paint on an expression.
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    14. I prefer dolls that are making an expressive face because I like the way it shows character. Most people prefer a neutral expression because it's more versatile for setting a certain mood in photography, I think especially for things like photo stories.
    15. My second doll is going to be an emotional doll, she's the Ryoko head from SQ-Lab with a big cat-like grin. But I won't buy a second doll like her since I actually prefer gently smiling expressions.
    16. It depends on the doll itself.
      Some expressive dolls really do catch my eye but most of them don't.\
      I don't like too expressive dolls, maybe just a smirk or a soft smile will do.
    17. So far, I seem to prefer normal dolls. Something about the emotion or fantasy dolls just doesn't suit my taste.
      I don't mind some emotion dolls like the ones that are sleeping or have half closed eyes if I like the look of the sculpt itself but so far, I don't have too many that I like enough.
      I don't mind seeing other people's dolls of them but I don't think I would own one personally. Same with the fantasy type dolls (ones with animal features). I seem to prefer more realistic or a little anime style dolls.
      But who knows? Maybe down the line I find a fantasy or emotion doll I really like that I want to own. But for now, it's not going to happen yet (I don't even own a doll yet)
    18. I like dolls that show emotion, that's why even when they don't have a defined one I like to give them a particular expression by means of their faceup xD; I'm very particular to all kinds of smiles, incidentally... be it gentle, cute or downright creepy ones.
    19. I love dolls showing obvious emotion.
      I used to like neutral dolls more than expressive ones, but that changed somewhere around my second or third year of doll collecting. I just got bored with the ones who were stone-faced, and got to a point where even a faceup couldn't change the look for me. Other than a few gently smiling dolls, my first one with serious emotion was Ringdoll Mona. After having her for a while and really enjoying her despite the single emotion, I realized how much I would rather have dolls that have a more unique or expressive look. (or a horrible manic smile with all the teeth showing. *cough*)

      Honestly though it was a local collector's smiling AoD girl who made me realize that one fixed expression could work. Her happy face was so cheerful, and never once looked creepy to me. I was so sad when she was put up for sale...but my best friend bought her so now i see her all the time!
    20. I personally like both. The fantasy dolls give me so much for creative freedom when making my own clothes for them but I also really like the realistic looking dolls from my period gowns. I honestly dont think I could choose one over the other.