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Hid boy

Nov 6, 2008

    1. I want my Hid boy quite a bit, but I'm not sure if he's a good choice. Does anyone actually have one? Any secret weirdness about them?
    2. I really like mine, he has tons of attitude and has a rock and roll vibe that I enjoy...I got tired of the scar on one side of the eye though with the default face-up (which is beautiful by the way) so added Pierot type make-up to cover it up which also suits him.
    3. I love my Hid. He came to me strung just right and poses beautifully. I have the default faceup with the scar and I love it. I can't really think of any wierdness about him, he's just about perfect!
    4. Oh good I'm so glad! I really wanted him to be wonderful, just because he has so much 'tude in his face that I wanted him terribly! You've really put my mind at ease! I'm getting him.

    5. So what size shoe does he wear? I would really like to get a couple pairs of boots for him before he gets here, and of course we don't want to get the wrong size.
    6. His feet are 5.5 cm ...the Dollzone shoes fit well of course but be cautious with others, just because it says MSD size doesn't mean it will fit.

      I got the fullset and wish I hadn't ~ because I chose the white skin the black faux leather from DZ is notorious for staining it (many many stories I read about that AFTER I ordered him white)...so the clothes have stayed off Kohl and he wears light colours even with a few coats of MSC. I have swapped out his eyes and have a different wig on him and he is a for me an entirely different character...and I love him to bits.

      Also...if you don't have a DZ MSD...you are going to LOVE THE TUMMY. SMEXIEST little tummies I've ever seen. You just want to poke them and rub them till they purr :)

      My reaction when I first opened his box? I was almost in tears. :aheartbea
    7. Do you recommend any vendors or anything? I would like some stuff for him before he arrives!
    8. I have a hid and I recommend Dollmore for clothes and shoes! ^_^
    9. Ohh, my friend really wants a Hid too!
    10. I've been wanting a Hid Boy for quite a while! :O
    11. The leather stains the resin? I'm kind of glad that I didn't order the fullset now...even though I really wanted it. I put an order for him 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for him to ship...but it's so hard waiting! Especially because he's going to be my first bjd.
    12. *raises hand* here's another one for the hid love ^^
    13. I forgot to ask: do the shoes in fullset stain the resin too? Because I ordered that and I want to prepare myself.
    14. I love my HID!!!
    15. I love my Hid too! I totaly agree about his stomach, I love his tummy! I'm pretty sure that most dark fabrics will stain the resin so it's a possability that the boots will stain. It's relatively easy to fix though, so just watch for it and magic eraser it if you see any staining.
    16. Dollzones are wonderfull posers. I have a gorgeous Feilian living with me and even after 1,5 years she still poses great. They come astonishingly well strung, the resin feels realy smooth and solid and since I got the newer style hands for her, there is nothing, realy not a thing that bothers me about her (the old-style hands where realy limited in their posing)

      I am waiting on one of the new double-jointed bodies now, which ought to be even more poseable. You can order HID with this new body, too for a few bucks more, maybe that's something to consider :)

      I'd say, if you like his face (which is gorgeous), go for it. DZs are great.