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High heel feet for B&G (BoyAndGirl) girl?

Jan 3, 2009

    1. Hello! I saw no optional parts for dolls on b&g site, so I suppose they make no optional hands and feets, true? But I wonder if optional parts of other companies will fit b&g dolls? I wish to get high heel feets for my doll and wonder if it possible to find ones what will fit :)

    2. BUMP! Hey, B&G girl owners, you never wated to put your girl in high heel shoes? D:
    3. karmade, don't worry, many high-heel shoes will fit on non high-heel feet as well ^-^ .
    4. Sharkyra, well, that's true, but b&g's feet joint is limited in moving, so if you put it in high heel shoes, she wont be able to stand because of angle D: We tried hight heel shoes once and it looked ridiculus XD
    5. I have confirmed with Jack (ebay seller rennaissancefashion) that B&G does NOT make heel parts for their dolls and there is no intention to do so in the near future. THat is not to say that they won't ever make the heel parts, they just haven't made any plans just yet.

      I've heard the Lutz hands and feet will work. I tried the hands, but I accidentally ordered delf hands and the fit was not as nice as I had hoped so maybe I needed to get senior delf hands for a proper fit **shrug**. Some people swear by delf hands. You may need to try it for yourself.

      Anyway, the resin match was excellent for my WS doll. Lutz does keep senior delf feet in stock so you may want to give them a try.
    6. Ravyn42, thank you! I'll try Lutz, then :)
    7. I have put delf hands (boy) on my b&g body (boy) and the fit was a dream... I only wished the resin color was more close, I had to blush them a little bit. Don't know about the girls though...
      Now unfortunately there aren't any delf high-heels feet for girls....:|