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High Heel Feet for Delf Girls?

Mar 10, 2008

    1. I want to give my Fook Twins the option to have high-heel feet, and i was wondering if anyone knew of a good foot-swap doll company or some other way to go about getting my girls heel feet (other than sculpting them myself-i lack the skill)
    2. Refering above "What about DoD feet? Do they fit Delf girls?"
      And what about iplehouse feet to delf bodies?

      Any info is great. ^^
    3. As in the Fook twins from Austin Powers? That's cute! :D

      Perhaps Senior Delf girls heeled feet would work? I'm not sure if they sell separate though, OR if they'd fit. But just thought I'd mention it. ^_^
    4. Thanks for the info, but I've already looked up Senior Delf ankle joint systems, and although it's do-able, but the doll might end up looking like it has hobbit-feet. ;_;

      However, this only applys for males, I didn't request for female pictures at the time I asked around though..It *might* work??? :sweat
    5. Hmm, since the SD13 heeled feet are the same size as the senior delf feet I would think the girls feet would be much less huge! But I don't really know for sure, either. It might be worth looking more into though! Good luck on your search!
    6. wow this is an old thread but i can help!

      i have some DoD fee on my DES and they work just fine :)

      the resin match is WAY off and you can definitely tell a difference but when strung well and in the right shoes, they work great!

      she's wearing them now and the shoes she's wearing are the $9 dollfie dream high heels so those kind of shoes will fit, but like i said, there is a difference in the resin
    7. so far, the best hh feet that ive seen (referring to sculpt) has been iplehouse. i have a pair for my Arachne...(delf Na-nu-ri 06 girl), and there is a huge resin color difference, but they look amazing in sculpting match. Almost like they were intended for delf girls. I will also tell u, that u dont even need high heeled feet to wear the high heeled shoes on girl dolls. i got tired of constantly changing her feet for shoes, and just started leaving the flat feet on her. just angle her foot down, and slide it down in the shoe. unless the shoe is open-toe or open-sided, u wont even be able to tell that she doesnt have hh feet. my Arachne even wears the dollfie dream 10.00 high heels no problem! (they are a bit tight, and difficult to take on and off do to their being made of rigid plastic, but she looks amazing in them. i'll post pics soon of both, my girl wearing the high heeled feet without shoes, and of her flat feet in high heeled shoes. im using my phone for net right now, so its near impossible to post pics....but when my net is up again, i'll come back and post pics.
    8. here is a photo so you can see the resin difference i was talking about lol and Comicbook, if they're not as bad as the DoD resin lol i might have to invest in the kind you have because my girls feet are way WAY off :sweat

      this is nowhere near a good photo but it shows the color diff and also she can stand in them :)
    9. does anyone know if there are high heeled feet for delf? I just ordered a Delf Miyu and I looked for the high heeled foot parts in the 'parts' section, but I didn't see them. I know that they don't come standard with the delf girls. I know that they do with the senior delf girls. Will the Senior delf high heeled feet parts fit the delf girls?

      In certain pictures of Miyu modeling outfits on the site, she is wearing Senior delf shoes that require the high heeled foot parts. I'm assuming that delf can wear Senior Delf feet from this alone, but I'm not sure.

      Anyone wanna take a crack at this? Also, does anyone know where someone would purchase these feet? It looks like they are a rare commodity on the forum unless I am not looking in the right place.

    10. Then they must not be sold seperately. I didn't know Senior Delf girls had high heeel feet. There are high heels for delf girls but those shoes do not need high heel feet. I know, I own 3 pair.
    11. Good to know, thanks Rynn. I didn't see them sold separately.. so I didn't know. I believe the senior delf girls come with both feet. (flat and HH)

      Also, the description on most of the shoes for senior delf females say 'High Heel', which to me, says high heeled feet.
    12. Not sure if the Senior Delf girls come with two pairs of feet. The angle of the high heel shoes is very gentle so I believe flat feet could wear them too.

      Fairyland Feeple girls come with two pairs of feet, flat and high ~ if you could find someone selling just the HH feet from a Feeple girl, you'd be in business as the FL and CP resin is a good match.

      You might also be able to pick up high heeled feet sold separately from other companies if you look around. I know Dollzone has them, and maybe Domuya? Supergem girls come with two sets of feet as well, but not sold separately. Also worth checking dolkot.com. Dollmore also sells Model HH feet separately.

      ETA: Eluts.com does sell Senior Delf High heel feet separately here: Click here to go to listing page.

      The resin colour will not match Delf Miyu exactly, Realskin is more yellow, while Delf resin is more pink. Further, I'm not sure the Senior Delf HH feet come with ankle balls, and the feet might not fit exactly with the ankle balls of a regular Delf girl.
    13. The way that Delf ankles are constructed allow them to bend at enough of an angle to allow the normal flat feet to fit just fine in most high-heeled shoes. Two of my Delf boys wear Luts Senior Delf girl 'heel-parts' boots, and they can stand in them just fine. X3 Provied the heel in question is not an extremely spiked one, I don't think you should have a problem just putting them on your Miyu's normal feet. I would guess that the pics you saw had just that--the heeled shoes on Miyu's normal feet.
    14. I just wanted to make sure so that I wasn't dishappointed and out 40 bucks! Thanks guys, you've been a super help.
    15. As an experiment, I recently ordered Senior Delf "heel parts," a pair of Sr Delf shoes and a pair of Sr Delf boots for my Delf Lishe and I thought I would share what I have learned here, since I couldn't find this info anywhere myself.

      Bottom line:

      She can wear the shoes (SGS-17) WITHOUT the heel parts (and stand in them, too), but not the boots (SGS-100) which have no zipper, they're strictly pull-on and her foot won't go in past the "turn."

      She can wear the boots WITH the heel parts.

      The heel parts don't fit properly, but can be used where they don't show, as in boots. I think the boots lend some support for the poorly fit ankles, too, so she CAN stand in them.

    16. What about high-heeled feet from Feeple girls or SuperGem girls? They should match Luts girls in colour but I don't know about the physical and proportional fit.
    17. Oh, this is helpful. So I'm curious now. Is the heeled foot-ankle made that way for posing flexibility?
    18. No, that's a Senior Delf girl high-heel foot attached to a Delf girl's ankle. So, it's what I call a Frankenstein foot! Obviously, not a good fit, but Luts doesn't make a high-heel foot for Delf at this time.

      As noted above, Delf girls can wear at least some of the Senior Delf high-heeled shoes (possibly all, but I haven't tried all of them) with their own feet, so high-heel feet aren't necessary, but the Sr Delf high-heel feet can help in pull-on boots (no zippers or other closure) that the flat Delf feet won't go into, and where the bad fit and bad resin match won't show. Also, the boots support the wonky ankles you get with the Frankenstein feet.

      Altogether, not the best solution. I just thought I'd share my experience with others before they went to the trouble and expense of trying it themselves.
    19. I'm trying to get hold of some Super Gem heel parts and try them out on my Delf, I'll post piccies when I do so. But he's a boy, so I don't know how helpful it will be (unless someone else has a cross-dressing Delf boy)... :sweat
    20. Hi all! :)

      I just had a quick question for anyone who knows, is there any high-heeled feet that will fit on a delf girl body?
      Dollheart sells some gorgeous heels, and I'd love to buy some for my girls, but I'm worried about the fit.
      If anyone knows where I can get heel feet, please let me know!!

      Thankies! :aheartbea