High heeled feet for boys

Mar 11, 2020

    1. I have seen a trend in some companies that make heeled feet for SD boys. I absolutely love it and wish more would do it! So far I know of Switch and Luts have really pretty heeled feet for their boys and the shoes are amazing. I know there are more but I have forgotten who else makes them. :doh Gives the boys a classy look in my opinion. Also think it's nice that it breaks some stereotypes. :3nodding:

      Would you ever buy a pair of heeled feet for your boy? Or do you already own a pair? Does any companies make them in MSD size as well?
      I have a pair of feet on the way from Luts and looking forward to see them on one of my coming boys.
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    2. I think Doll Family A makes heel feet for SD boys! I am not sure for MSD size however.
      I was actually looking to see if there were heel feet that can hybrid with my Soom old super gem body :3
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    3. Universe Doll has a heel foot for their 70cm male bodies. :)
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    4. Monochrome makes them! They're available via preorder or pop-up on Y!J and Mandarake from time to time. Their 65cm body also has heeled legs.
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    5. I would really love to buy some for the Dream Valley boy I ordered recently, but I've yet to see a company make them in MSD size, which I prefer. Maybe one day I'll have an SD to buy them for, but my bank account would definitely protest if I did now, lol
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    6. Doll Family H does heel feet for their 60cm, 65cm, 70cm and MSD bodies.

      Luts recently released heel feet for their 65cm body as well.
    7. Minifee boy bodies have the same feet size as the A line girls, so maybe one day I will switch his out for high heeled ones LOL
    8. 2D doll has high heel feet for their boys! I absolutely love it. :)

      It's about time guys get HH feet because hell, there are a lot of people who stylize their boys as certain period dolls and it makes it much easier now! I mean back in the day it was men who were wearing HH horse riding boots. lol
    9. I have one boy who 1000% will need heel feet when he arrives, due to his love of dramatic boots. I doubt I'll ever need his flat feet. :lol: Another guy would like them, fashion icon and all...I'm so glad so many companies are making them now!
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    10. I wouldn't buy heeled feet for my boys...but I don't plan on buying them for my girls either lol. I think it's always good to have more options like this for people who want them, it's just not my aesthetic.
    11. I've already bought DF-H high heeled feet for a boy of mine. XD I'm still waiting on them, ten months later...but that's another story.

      I'm really happy with all the companies starting to release male high heel feet lately, I just wish it was easier to find shoes for them. =/ And though I don't collect MSDs I think they should be available in that size too.
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    12. When I had a Granado Nuevo male body, it came with heel feet! I always thought that was a curious choice, but accepted that there apparently was a demand enough for Granado to include them
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    13. I personally would never buy arched feet for my male dolls so they can wear heels, because I am not into that look/aesthetic. I never worn high heels myself, and never had an interest in them as far as owning high-heeled shoes for me to wear. As a female, I always preferred boots, or tennis/sports-shoes or flats for "fancy" occasions. I do like high-heeled shoes for my female dolls, but I'm not a fan of the ones most people refer to as "stripper" shoes (the ones with platforms and stiletto heels). Although, I think those are becoming more trendy nowadays, I am not into trends and still far prefer less exotic heels for my females (or flats), and standard, stereotypical boring male shoes for my males. DX

      I wouldn't be interested in arched feet for my male dolls to wear heels, but I would be interested in them for photography purposes; I think it would be interesting since there are no jointed feet available in general (very few dolls come with them if any). However, I am one of those few rare weirdos that hate human feet/toes, so I don't think I would purchase a pair regardless, because the less emphasis there is in feet of any sort, the better for me. Although I do take a lot of nude photos (because I'm lazy), so they might be an interesting optional part that's posed other than neutral-flat-feet, for that reason alone and not so that my male dolls can wear heels, I would consider them. I doubt there are any available for the dolls I own however, so that saves me from any potential temptation of any sort. It's definitely good that there are options for those who want them. (:
    14. Yeah, Granado Nuevo boys came with an extra pair of feet that were high-heeled. (I should try and find those!) :sweat
    15. @Nissa Where do you saw heeled feet for 70cm Universe Doll? I just can't find it anywhere
    16. I love the idea of heels on boys, and have honestly debated buying heel feet to go with the DF-H boy I have on order. He'd totally wear heels, and they'd definitely look good on him.
    17. I bought a pair of these through Dolk for a 70cm+ incoming boy! They're really nice, and Monochrome also sells a pair of heeled boots for guys to fit them (both become randomly available for sale at the same time), which I also snatched up. They would not suit any of my other guys, but this one is particularly flamboyant, and they're perfect for his character.
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    18. They're on USDoll's TaoBao (and Clover Singing or Stacy's Pink Ocean are able to order from TaoBao as agents), though I know some here order direct. So far, I haven't, due to possible language barrier/shipping issues.
    19. @Nissa Thank you! I am very happy that USdoll have it's own heel feet!